ESL One Katowice: FNATIC beats Virtus.Pro to make it to the finals

CS:GO Aaron “Legend0415” Baughman

FNATIC takes down Virtus.Pro 2-0 to become the first finalist at ESL One Katowice 2015


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This series will be between the first two major champions. The Polish side of Virtus.Pro won their major at this very event last year. The crowd behind them will definitely help them out a bit. Fnatic won their title at the first major in Counter Strike:  Global Offensive, but they had a different line up at the time. Both teams beat NiP to win their title.

Fnatic got to choose the first map, and chose Cobblestone. Virtus.Pro elected to start on the Counter-Terrorist side. The pistol round went to the Poles fairly convincingly with 3 kills from Snax, but the next round went to the Swedish side of fnatic thanks to some entries by olofm on the B bomb site. Virtus.Pro then decided to force up with armor and pistols, and successfully held off the B push by the Swedes thanks to some pistol frags by neo. The next round Fnatic attempted to take, but pasha got 2 kills through a smoke, but the round ended in a 1 versus 1 between neo and olofm. The 1 versus 1 was one by a 12hp neo to make the score 3-1. The next round saw fnatic full save with glocks, and Snax got a very impressive spray control ace. The next round saw Virtus.Pro win a 4v2 retake on the B bomb-site to make the score 5-1. The seventh round saw yet another successful hold of the B bombsite by Virtus.Pro. At this point in the game fnatic elected to have a pause. The first round after the pause saw yet another B take by fnatic, which had flusha getting a triple kill to enter the site. The round ended up going to Virtus in a 2v2 retake, which made the score 7-1. The ninth round saw a mixed buy come in from pronax's side which ended with yet another round won by Virtus.Pro. The tenth round saw a slower approach by fnatic where they picked up two AWPs in the hands of JW and olofm. Olofm got 2 kills with his awp to start off the round, and then got another one on the B site. Virtus rotated too heavily towards B; fnatic took the empty a site. The next round fnatic took the B site thanks to 3 entries by KRIMZ. The twelfth round saw a mixed buy from the Poles, which turned out to be successful thanks to a great a hold by TaZ with the p250. The following round fnatic had an assortment of guns, and KRIMZ again got three kills to aid them in taking the B site. The next round was an eco by Virtus, which went to fnatic with ease. The last round of the half was a successful A take by fnatic, which made the score 9-6 for Virtus.Pro.

The second pistol round of the game had fnatic hold off a b push with ease, which was aided by yet another triple kill by KRIMZ. The second round of the first half saw byali's side force up, get 3 kills, and a bomb plant. The next round was another force buy from the polish team, which had the Poles attempt to take B for the third time in the half. The fourth round Virtus finally chose to just buy p250s, and the round ended with a 1v1 between byali and KRIMZ. KRIMZ yet again had a huge impact by winning that round. The twentieth round saw a successful B take by the terrorist side of Virtus, which ended with a successful after-plant hold by the home team. The following round had the Swedish side scrambling to manage a buy, which didn't prevail against the B take from Virtus.Pro. As a result of that round fnatic had to full save to be able to buy in the near future. Virtus.Pro walked into an A stack by fnatic, but still managed to win the round. The round after that saw fnatic fully equipped with m4a1s, and won the round with a clean sweep of the Polish side. At a score of 12-12 flusha decided to pick up an awp, which aided them in winning the round. The following round saw Virtus attempt to take the B site with just tec-9s, but to no avail the Poles lost another round. The 27th round saw vp get some entries onto the b site, but they lost the site in a 1 versus 2 against flusha. At this point fnatic now has 3 match points. The next round had neo fake b, which cause fnatic to push mid to flank. Pasha was waiting in mid for the rotation, and caught two of them off guard; Virtus took A and won the round. The 29th round had fnatic scrambling to buy again, and it was to no avail thanks to some entry frags by snax and byali. In the final round of regulation had TaZ and neo both getting double kills to secure the round for their team.

The score is now 15-15 and we will see the second overtime of the tournament. Both of the overtimes in this tournament have featured the home side of Virtus.Pro. The first round of overtime began with a quick 1 for 1 trade, and ended with a successful take of the B site by the home team. The second round of overtime saw fnatic pick up two AWPs, but one of them was in the hands of flusha instead of the usual JW. The Poles successfully took the A bomb-site. The next round saw only flusha pick up an AWP for his team, and the rest of his team except for pronax had pistols. The AWP didn't prove to be a necessary buy as JW got a triple kill with his cz, which assisted his team in winning the round. The half ends 17-16 for Virtus.Pro. The first round of the second half of overtime went to the Swedes thanks to entries by almost everyone on the team. The round after that began with a trade of frags between pronax and pasha, but the round ended up going to fnatic thanks to three kills by flusha. At map point for fnatic they managed to win 19-17 thanks to some sneaky awping by olofm. played Mirage hoping to comeback from their 1-0 map deficit


Virtus.Pro got to choose the second map and chose Mirage. Fnatic elected to start on the Counter-Terrorist side. The pistol round saw fnatic hold off an A take with ease. The second round saw the Poles buy p250s and armor and successfully fake fnatic into thinking it was B. They went on to get a plant in the A site, but lost to a defuse in the last second. The third round was a fairly easy round for fnatic. The first gun round went to Virtus thanks to a successful A take. The second gun round of the game went to fnatic, thanks to yet another triple kill by KRIMZ. The round after that saw Virtus pro do a full eco and fnatic winning without experiencing any casualties. The third gun round of the game saw both teams go tat for tat to get into a 3v3, but pronax flanked through the a palace and secured the round for his team. The next round saw the Terrorist side of Virtus.Pro buy tec9s and armor and take the A site cleanly, but almost lost the round in a 1v1 between neo and JW. The fourth gun round had the Polish side take the A site thanks to some entries by the duo of byali and snax, which makes the score 6-3 for the Swedes. The following round had fnatic push up mid while ecoing, but they got obliterated by the Poles. The next round saw fnatic push two people up mid, but snax and TaZ went through underpass and shot them both in the back. The twelfth round was an assorted buy by the Swedes, and snax got a double kill which secured the A site and the round for his team. The following round saw a full by both teams, but VP took the a site thanks to two entry kills by an awping pasha and a rifling byali. The following round saw yet another full buy from both teams, which began with olofm pushing through a smoke at A ramp and killing byali while he was setting up for a smoke. The round ended with fnatic succesfuly holding the B site. The last round of the half is the first time we saw more than one awp for the terrorist side, and the AWPs were held by pasha and Snax. The round ended up going to fnatic thanks to olofm getting a double kill in mid to slow down the Poles. The score at half time was 8 to 7 for the Swedish side.

The second pistol round of the map saw fnatic take the A site without losing a single member initially, and kept control of the site to win that round. The second round of the half was a forcebuy by Virtus.Pro, and they only managed to get two kills on the round. The Third round of the half saw a full save come from the Counter-Terrorist side of Virtus.Pro, and they only managed to get one kill against the Terrorist who took the A site. The first gun round of the half saw JW pick up an AWP for his side, but there was no awp on the other side to counter him. This round had pronax and his team elect to slowly work towards A, but they didn't get a single kill. The fifth round of the half saw pasha pick up an AWP to counter JW's awp if necessary. The Swedes took the B site and only lost one player. The round came down to a 1 versus 1 between byali and olofm, and the Swede prevailed. The following round had Virtus scrambling to manage a buy, but they lost the round to fnatic's B take. The 22nd round had fnatic take the A site against Virtus.Pro, and make the score 14-8 in their favor. The round after saw fnatic slowly execute towards A, and successfully take the site and the round. At map and match point for fnatic they took the a site, and won the game and the series.

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