Cloud9 considering European move

CS:GO Daniel “Webstr” Crawford

Cloud9's Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert claimed in a podcast today that the North American based team are considering a move to Europe.

Making an appearance on the All Work All Play podcast yesterday afternoon, n0thing claimed in the opening minutes that "we have some pretty cool news coming up" and that the team may be moving to Europe for the foreseeable future.

When asked when the decision would be made final by Adam Spunt, a former hockey teammate of Gilbert during their time in San Diego, Gilbert responded with "in the next couple of months." He would go on to say that Berlin was the city that the team was considering as a destination.

While this has potential implications for a roster shake up, with Sean "sgares" Gares into his studies at university while the team is not plying their trade across the world, this is a developing story and more information will be posted when it becomes available from the team.

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