Official: SonKiE to Gravitas Gaming

WarCraft 3 Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
Gravitas Gaming has signed a new player to its roster. It is now clear that Nikolaus "SonKie" Cassidy teams up with the European team, after being a pillar in Serious Gaming.

Cassidy sees this as a good motivator for the future.
- Being among a roster of players such as HoT and ToD really motivates me to train harder and become a better player, says SonKiE.

Qualifying for the World Cyber Games Grand Finals in Cologne after taking scalps as HolyHuman, YanE and ShrieK, Gravitas Gaming will have four players attending the finals.
- I will have the opportunity to meet and bond with my new team mates at this years upcoming World Cyber Games Grand Final. I hope to do well, showing good results and representing my team as professionally as I can, says SonKiE.

Corbin "cbnz" Crnkovic, president of Gravitas Gaming commented on the roster addition.
- It's a great feeling to be able to add America's best Warcraft III player, especially before such a big event as WCG. We look forward to having Nikolaus on the team and think he will fit it in well with the current team, says Crnkovic.

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