GosuGamers WarCraft Awards 2008

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 04 February 2009 13:04

After 3,299 votes in total, GosuGamers can proudly present the winners of the GosuGamers WarCraft Awards 2008.

1. Grubby 315 (38%)
2. Lyn 207 (25%)
3. Moon 136 (16%)
4. Fly100% 107 (12%)
5. Infi 72 (9%)

GosuGamer of the Year

The most prestigious award in this event is the GosuGamer of the Year Award. The description reads "a person who has superior gaming technique, good manners and displays great sportsmanship". And the GosuGamer of 2008 is the front figure for the non-Asian WarCraft 3 professional scene: Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen.

Out of the eight offline championships the illustrious Orc player appeared in, he ended in the winners stand in seven of them. Most remembered was of course his gold medal in the World Cyber Games. After a so-so with no championship title aside from numerous ZOTAC WarCraft Cup wins, Grubby was able to peak his skill curve in November to claim the most prestigious trophy in the WarCraft 3 scene.

Where Grubby's future has to give is unsure, as his former team MeetYourMakers restructured and made their RTS teams leave. In a column by the Dutchman's girlfriend, Cassandra "PpG" Ng, a possible retirement is hinted should he not find a new team.

Coming in second place of the five nominees is SK-Gaming's June "Lyn" Park. Earning the most prize winnings from last year, experts held Lyn as the favorite to win the title. With a bit more than 100 votes less than Grubby, Lyn will have to settle for a runner-up position this time.

grubby_gosugamerofty_780.jpgPhoto by Filip "flpee" Hansson, Fragbite.com
1. World Elite 402 (48%)
2. MeetYourMakers 278 (33%)
3. SK-Gaming 62 (7%)
4. Gravitas Gaming 51 (6%)
5. fnatic 47 (6%)

Team of the Year

Fittingly, World Elite wins the Team of the Year award. As of today, all other teams nominated but fnatic have either ceased to exist completely or drastically reduced their player count. World Elite has stood together for many years, and showed in the start of 2008 that their were able to cope with losing their Korean lineup to SK-Gaming. Winning the Road of the King tournament much thanks to a skill peaking TeD, World Elite hammered their position as one of the most respected teams still.

While they did not have a major success in the 13th season of WC3L, ending fourth, their players went off to win events such as KODE5 (Infi), Make Games Colorful (TeD), World e-Sports Masters (Infi) and along with numerous Top 3 placements.

Runner-ups in the voting was MeetYourMakers, who the double in the first half of 2008. Winning both WC3L and NGL-ONE marked the team's peak, and captain Susiria's long-time team changed name to MYM Dreamteam. After the WC3L success in June, the championship titles defaulted. Ending third in NGL-ONE and WC3L was a disappointment to everyone in the team, the board of ESNation A/S included.

Early 2009, a press release could be read at myMYM.com, where Chief Operations Officer Mark Peter "Mercy" Fries announced the shutdown of the WarCraft 3 team that housedthe international superstar duo Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen and Jang Jae "Moon" Ho.

worldelite_teamofthy2008.jpgPhoto by Julia Christphers, ESL.eu

lucifron_mostimproved_470.jpgPhoto by SK-Gaming.com
1. LucifroN 290 (34%)
2. Happy 255 (30%)
3. TeD 206 (24%)
4. Infi 57 (7%)
5. TH000 38 (5%)

The Most Improved Player is a title handed to a player who has exceeded greatly during the year, and who can be a better winner than the Spanish Orc player Pedro "LucifroN" DurĂ¡n.

LucifroN surprised many when he claimed a third place in the European qualifier for BlizzCon. Who would have knew that later in October 2008 he would be only one game from winning the grand final over June "Lyn" Park.

Coming from the winner bracket, LucifroN had an optimal chance of winning against the seasoned Korean progamer. Lyn had to win two sets of best of three matches to win, which happened to be the final result. LucifroN only managed to win one game in the entire series. LucifroN speaks of his disappointment in a recent interview with SK-Gaming, but admits that a second place was not that bad.

With $10,000 in the pocket and all eyes on him from big gun organizations, the reign of LucifroN has probably just begun.

1. TH000 vs. Sky 230 30%
2. FoV vs. Moon 217 28%
3. Lucifer vs. ToD 166 21%
4. Susiria vs. Check 95 12%
5. LiiLD.C vs. Sky 68 9%

Game of the Year

Lastly, the perhaps most entertaining category of the four is the Game of the Year. A tough category to call, as each game holds many fascinating moves, stories and player performances. However, out of the five chosen by the GosuGamers committee, the game that won the people's hearts was TH000's match against Sky in Make Games Colorful. TH000's Night Elf forces was able to withstand the Human veteran Sky on Melting Valley. If you have not seen this game yet, do so.

A close second was FoV's game against Moon, also played at the Make Games Colorful tournament. An epic struggle between the ferocious Undead and the beautiful Night Elves played out on Ancient Isles was given 28% of the votes.

Stay tuned on GosuGamers for the DotA Awards 2008.