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VCT Playoffs – who is gunning for the 16 slots in Berlin?

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

Teams are battling in their regions to see who will be grabbing a seat for a flight to Germany

Right now, 64 teams from 8 different regions around the world are battling, or will be heading into battle, to secure one of the 16 slots in the upcoming Masters Berlin, part of the Valorant Champions Tour 2021. The 64 teams are the cream of the crop of their regions, and now will see who the best of the best can be to secure a spot to fly to the capital of Germany.

The breakdown for the slots for Berlin is as follows:

  • North America – 3 slots
  • EMEA – 4 slots
  • Brazil – 2 slots
  • Korea – 2 slots
  • Japan – 2 slots
  • Southeast Asia – 2 slots
  • Latin America – 1 slot

Each region have their own power house for fans to root for, and a few hopeful teams that would like to see their time on the world stage. This playoff will be for the final Master event for VCT.

As of right now, only LATAM and Southeast Asia have yet to start their circuit – with the other regions in the midst of starting or finishing their circuits.

North America

NA is in the middle of their Challengers playoffs right now, with the eight teams playing have gone through both the Upper Bracket Semifinals and the Lower Bracket round 2.

The eight teams for NA are:

In the upper bracket, the two teams who have confirmed their places to berlin are Sentinels and 100 Thieves. Only the third place in the standing are still to be determined – and it will be decided between Xset and Team Envy.

The duo of Sentinels and 100 Thieves will be the teams to look out for in Berlin, as Sentinel will be making a return to Masters, and 100 Thieves will be at the Masters after missing out the first two. We will need to wait and see who will join them in third place for the flight to Germany.

Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

In EMEA, 12 teams will be battling to reach the 4 slots available for grabs. Big names and smaller teams have qualified in the playoffs and are currently playing through the circuit as they aim to reach the grand final.

The 12 teams for EMEA are

As of today, EMEA have only run the first round for the circuit, and already some surprises have appeared in the competition. Both Team Liquid and forZe have been relegated to the lower bracket, with the former beaten by Natus Vincere while the latter was beaten by Guild Esports. The winner of EMEA’s Masters 1, Acend will be coming in as a seeded team, and face Natus Vincere in Round 2.


For Korea, the biggest surprise is that the sole Korean rep at Reykjavik did not qualify for semifinals.

The eight teams that makes up the Korean Playoffs are:

Unfortunately, Nuturn Gaming have been eliminated in the quarter finals, as they went down against DAMWON Gaming. Meanwhile Vision Strikers is in the grand finals, against F4Q. This ensures both teams the two slots for them to play at Masters Berlin.


Japan also just started their circuit, with the eight teams currently battling to see who will be playing in Berlin.

The eight teams that are playing this time around are:

The sole Japan representative in Masters Rejkyavik, Crazy Raccoon, have managed to stay in the competition, beating the team Feeling in the Quarterfinals. They are now meeting Northeption in the Upper Bracket finals.  The team to look out is ZETA Division, previously known as Jupiter. The team is one of the top teams in Japan alongside Crazy Raccoon. Unfortunately, they have been knocked down to the lower bracket, but their journey continues.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has the most complicated Challengers 3 Playoffs. Instead of just an upper and lower bracket, there will be four initial groups playing a single round robin format, with the matches being Best of 2.

There are 16 teams in the Southeast Asia stage:

The team too look out will definitely be X10 Esports, as we would like to see if they can replicate their success in Finland in Berlin. The other teams to look out are Bren Esports, Alter Ego and Boom Esports


Brazil now in the middle of their circuit tournament for the country. The eight teams are now battling to get to the grand finals for the two spots in Berlin. Top two teams from each group will be heading to the playoffs stage, where the 8 teams will be fighting for the two SEA spots in Masters Berlin.

The eight teams participating in the Brazil playoffs are:

Team Vikings and Sharks Esports, the two Brazil representatives in Masters Reykjavik, are in the thick in the middle of the tournament, trying to get to Berlin, replicating their run in Finland once again. Other than these two teams, FURIA Esports is another team to look out from Brazil as they have been delivering consistent results since founded in 2017.

LATAM (Latin America)

Four teams round up the list of teams hoping to reach Berlin after going through two different qualification rounds – one for Latin America North and Latin America South. The four teams are:

The team to look out for will definitely KRU Esports, as the representative for LATAM that went to Finland. They would definitely want to repeat their success again, especially for Berlin

Each of the tournaments will offer prize money, ranging from around $20,000 all the way to $100,000, depending on the region. The top teams will also receive VCT points that will be collated to see who will be heading to VCT Champions at the end of the year. Don't forget to visit the Challengers 3 Playoffs hub page here for up-to-date information on who hs going through


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