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VCT Game Changers NA Series 2 Day 2 & 3 – The journey continues for Cloud9 White

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

CLG Red is another fav in the competition.

The VCT NA Game Changers Series 2 continued over the weekend to find the second winner of the series designed for women and under-represented genders. Both the Upper and Lower brackets saw some intense matches to see who will be reaching the grand final round.

Day 2

We start off with an Upper Bracket meet up between Cloud9 White and TSM Female is a battle of two big names, but one is just a bit better than the other. C9 White Dominated both maps, and TSM Female just didn’t have the chance to slip in and grab a win. C9 White wins 2-0.

The match between Shopify Rebellion and Counter Logic Gaming Red is next. The two teams played their hardest to bring themselves to the nest stage of the competition. This game is one of the few that went the full three rounds. CLG Red took a win in the second round, but with wins in rounds 1 and three, Shopify Rebellion managed to kick CLG Red to the lower bracket. Shopify Rebellion wins 2-1.

The Lower Bracket sees the two teams from the Upper Brackets continue their journey here. First, TSM Female meets Dignitas Female , where they faced against their opponent a bit tired, with just playing a game not two hours before. The tiredness showed as Dignitas Female got the upper hand over them in this match. Even though TSM Female gave a good fight, they can’t win against a fully rested team. Dignitas Female won 2-1.

CLG Red meanwhile got the better draw of the straw as they met GX3 . They showed that they are still a powerful team, even though they are in the lower brackets. In both Haven and Icebox, the ladies in CLG Red took dominance and led the game easily. CLG Red won 2-0.

Day 3

Day three started with the Upper Bracket final between Shopify Rebellion and Cloud9 White. The latter team totally controlled the whole batch as they did not give Shopify a chance to gain the upper hand. In the two maps they played, Haven and Icebox,  C9 White just made kill after kill, not giving Shopify a possibility to kill at all. C9 White won 2-0 in the finals, putting them in the Grand Finals.

In the Lower Brackets, the round 3 saw Dignitas Female meeting CLG Red. Both teams played their best, with Dignitas giving CLG a run of their money. But as they have shown so far in the tournament – CLG Red is showing how powerful they are in the game. CLG Red won 2-0.

Shopify, fresh from the Finals in the Upper Bracket, met with CLG Red in the Lower Bracket finals to secure the spot in the Grand Final. Right out of the gate, CLG Red still show the powerhouse that they are. Shopify gave a very good fight for CLG, with the second map even closing to match point at one point of the game, but CLG is clearly more powerful overall. CLG Red won 2-0.

Grand Final

Counter Logic Gaming Red will be meeting Cloud9 White in the grand finals of the VCT Na Game Changers Series 2. Cloud9 White was the winner for Series 1, so seeing them in the grand finals again is a bit funny. Nevertheless, we will wait and see who will win Series 2 of thew VCT NA Game Changers .


Who do you think will win - Cloud9 White or CLG Red?

Cloud9 White
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