More information about Doomfist has been revealed

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Overwatch's official Twitter released more information about the recent Numbani aesthetic changes, adding some lore to what seems to be part of the Doomfist storyline.

Most of the article revolves around Helix Security International - a private security firm that currently guards Temple of Anubis. Pharah is the only main character affilitated with the firm.

According to the "article" published on Overwatch's website, Talon arrived at Helix Security International and attempted to free someone named Akande Ogundimu, also known as Doomfist. A few months after that incident, Ogundimu resurfaced in Numbani and caused the carnage now seen on the live servers. The gauntlet known as the Doomfist is assumed to be in Ogundimu's possession.

Despite this breach - and an unnamed one in Egypt, allegidly Anubis - Helix seems to only be expanding in power, according to the article: "those who have objected to the increased privatization of security following the shuttering of Overwatch will have been dismayed that Helix has requested, and been granted, additional funding by the UN to cope with rising threats."

The last we heard of Numbani was with Orisa's reveal, when it was revealed that Orisa's creator, Efi Oladele, was at the latter attack, when Doomfist wrecked havoc on Numbani. The carnage included the theft of the Doomfist in the payload, as well as many OR15 omnics being destroyed in its wake. 

Currently, these two incidents - this article plus Oladele's storyline - are the only pieces of information available in relation to Doomfist. However, if Sombra's ARG is anything to go by, we can expect more information within the next few weeks.

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