Star Reinhardt player Kaiser out of RunAway

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Tweet from the player confirms the departure, with more details pending.

Sang-Hoon “Kaiser” Ryu, the main tank for APEX Season 2 runner-ups RunAway is no longer on the pink-clothed team.

Alongside captain and shotcaller Dae-Hoon “Runner” Yoon and DPS Hyo-Jong “Haksal” Kim, Kaiser was one of the most instrumental players to RunAway’s success story in APEX. The team verged on relegation after a poor Season 1 showing only to be reborn as championship contenders almost overnight before they lost to Lunatic-Hai in seven games.

Kaiser’s talents shone best on Reinhardt, the brightest example being his five-man Earthshatter in the final game against LW Blue which sent RunAway to the grand finals. Kaiser’s ultimate timing decimated the defending LW in the final meters of Eichenwalde, sending the crowd into wild cheers, making for one of the most memorable plays of the entire tournament.

Although they’ve lost a valuable tank player, RunAway still have a deep roster to choose from. In April, the team signed two new players in tank Woo-Yeol “Kalios” Shin and flex Jung-Min “Mirage” Bae. If RunAway’s matches in Season 3 so far are any indication, it is Mirage who will likely replace Kaiser when a second tank is needed. 

Kaiser himself played only a single map for RunAway this season during their 0-3 loss to Afreeca Freecs Blue.


Reportedly, Kaiser has been picked up by a foreign team, according to captain Runner, an offer Kaiser accepted to secure stable income for his family. 


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