Surprise! The Overwatch Uprising is available for a little while longer

Overwatch Robbert “Broeder” Troost

We are getting another event, or rather the previous one has returned for one final day.

Over the past years we have enjoyed a whole variety of different seasonal events. What started with the pleasant surprise of the Summer Games continued with Halloween, etc. The Overwatch team has made good use of their time, creating not only the collectibles that keep a lot of us playing but also the different gamemodes.

Blizzard, being the gentle giant that they are, have confessed their mistake of ending the current/recent seasonal event early. The Overwatch Uprising was supposed to end sometime last night, but due to a timezone mixup or some other such error it ended too early.

We are glad Blizzard has taken the time to not only say sorry for their mistake, but also revert it so we can enjoy the brawls and collect the items for a little while longer. Plenty of developers wouldn't have done either.

The Overwatch Uprising will now officially conclude in all regions at the same time, at 02:00 AM CEST on May 3rd (early to late evening of May 2nd in the Americas). This leaves us with ~10 hours to get those final, have-to-get skins!

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