Lunatic-Hai runs away with grand finals of OGN's Apex Season 2

Posted by Sascha "Yiska" Heinisch at 08 April 2017 16:13

In an absolute nailbiter, Lunatic-Hai wins the finals of APEX Season 2.

Lunatic-Hai just edged out RunAway in the finals of OGN's APEX Season 2, in a close series with the total score of 4-3. The fan favourites came back from a 1-3 disadvantage. With their backs against the wall and RunAway at match point, Lunatic-Hai managed to bring it back on Hanamura, Dorado and Eichenwalde in front a packed crowd in the Hwajung university arena. With deafening support from their fans, season MVP Ryujehong in particular delivered a stellar performance on his famed Ana; he also convinced on Zenyatta. The finals' MVP went to the young Genji prodigy WHORU, who outperformed RunAway's Haksal noticeably across the entire Bo7. RunAway's Tracer specialist Stitch tried his hardest to bring his team back into the game but had to bow out against the superior coordination and ultimate economy of his opponents.

This match marks Lunatic-Hai's revenge after a 3-2 loss to RunAway in the group stage a month ago. They bring home a check of ₩ 105,000,000 (approximately $92,000 USD) and the fame of having won the arguably most prestigious Overwatch tournament to date. After getting close last year, and after having to deal with amazing performances from breakthrough teams such as Meta Athena and RunAway, Lunatic Hai are indeed the Season 2 champions! 

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