Overwatch Monthly Melee Day 2 Recap: Selfless Falls, Rogue Wins it All

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Selfless lost their first match in 35 games, but had a chance to redeem themselves in the Grand Final.

This month's Overwatch Monthly Melee did not disappoint: not only was it the first time a Brasilian and Korean team played, but this was the tournament that finally stopped Selfless' very impressive 34-win streak. Brasilian Gaming House (BGH) only had one win, but it was a big one; the team took out RunAway in a surprising upset.

The final showdown between Rogue and Selfless was definitely not one to be missed; Rogue winning the match in a very close 3-2 Grand Final.

Missed any of the action? Have no fear; we've got you covered with this rundown of Day Two of the Overwatch Monthly Melee.

Immortals vs Rogue - Rogue wins, 2-0

Rogue was able to quickly take down Immortals in the first match of the night, thanks in part to Nicogdh, s00n and AKM's DPS performances. Winz and Unkoe were able to support their teammates in tight spots, allowing for some fantastic clean ups and general domination of Eichenwalde and Temple of Anubis.

RunAway vs Brasil Gaming House (BGH) - BGH wins, 1-2

In a surprising upset, Korean team RunAway was sent home early after falling to BGH in this off-stream game.

FaZe Clan vs Selfless - Selfless Wins, 1-2

Despite a very strong showing from FaZe's Clan's Rawkus. Defran and Sinatraa's Soldier: 76 and Tracer's were on point, able to clean up and stagger FaZe during crucial moments to secure their 34th win in a row. Defran's Soldier: 76 was particuarly a highlight of the match, being able to take down 3+ players without Tactical Visor to secure control of the map on multiple occasions.

fnatic vs LG Evil - LG Evil wins, 1-2

In this off-stream match, fnatic falls to LG Evil in three matches.


  • FaZe Clan vs LG Evil - LG Evil wins, 0-2
  • Immortals vs Brasil Gaming House - Immortals in, 0-2

* Both of these games were off-stream.

LG Evil vs Immortals - LG Evil wins, 2-1

In this best-of-three match, LG Evil was able to overcome Immortals with better overall teamwork and clean-up abilities. Jake's Genji, Rob420's Ana and Voll's Zarya were particuarly effective in working together, not only to clean up a few big fights but also putting an end to Temple of Anubis with their Graviton-Nano-Dragon Blade combo.

Selfless vs LG Evil - 

It was the Defran and Sinatraa Show once again, with both coming up big for their team. Defran's Tactical Visors hit their marks while Sinatraa had two "Kobe" moments, throwing his Pulse Bomb a few meters to pick up massive kills that helped secure pushes. Although Jake and Train had some nice responses to their counterparts, LG Evil couldn't fully respond to Selfless' tow DPS heroes, giving them the go-ahead to take on Rogue in the Grand Final.


Rogue vs Selfless - Rogue wins, 3-2

In the first best-of-five of the tournament, Rogue was able to figure out Selfless' aggresive-style play and punish Selfless when they pushed out too far. Combined with massive plays from Nicogdh and s00n, the team went on to break Selfless' 34-win streak and reverse-sweep them in a close 3-2 match. 


Rogue vs Selfless - Rogue wins, 3-2 (again)

Rogue was up by one automatically thanks to them coming from the Winner’s Bracket. Seeing as Rogue was the one who both knocked Selfless into the Loser’s Bracket and put an end to their 34-game winstreak, the match was poised to be one of the most action-packed of the tournament.


Hollywood started out with a few good plays by Rogue, but Selfless was able to keep up their world-renowned pressure to keep them from really capitalizing on the point. However, Rogue finally stops them just before the second point.

Selfless responded with a very strong first point - mostly thank to Emongg, who had four kills to clean up Rogue and get the payload moving - but a last-minute Nicogoh and his Dragon Blade kept the payload contested long enough for his team to return and, eventually, shut down Selfless on Hollywood. Rogue is now up, 2-0, thanks to that initial map advantage for winning the Winner’s Bracket.

Temple of Anubis

Selfless took the first point quickly, with over six minutes in their time bank as they moved on to try to take point two. This was due, in part, to Sinatraa’s flawless Tracer play, with his Pulse Bombs once again on point. They then take the second point in about two minutes, leaving 4:02 left in their time bank, should an Overtime occur. This was due, in part, to Sinatraa’s flawless Tracer play, with his Pulse Bombs once again on point.

Unkoe pulled out a surprise Widowmaker at the start of Rogue’s push, but it was quickly shut down by Selfless. Despite that, Unkoe and AKM go for a Pharah-Mercy combo, unusual due to Unkoe being a Zenyatta and Ana main. The gamble didn’t pay off, though, and the lost time due to that creative plan failing costs Rogue the map. Rogue still leads, 2-1.


Nepal went a full five maps, but ended in Selfless’ favor, 3-2. Though Sinatraa had some very impactful Pulse Bombs and Kresnik also had some life-saving plays on his Reinhardt, the hero of the map was Defran, who made huge impacts with and without his Tactical Visor on this map. Although s00n also had some major plays on his Tracer, it simply wasn’t enough to take out the on-fire Selfless squad.

With Selfless’ win on Nepal, the series is tied, 2-2.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

The final map of the Grand Final for the Overwatch Monthly Melee went to Rogue, but Selfless definitely had a few things to say before the map reached its conclusion. Selfless had a few very strong pushes, but Rogue seemed to take a page out of their opponent’s book, going aggressive when they could in order to push Selfless back and buy enough time to push the cart all the way to the end of the map. Despite some very strong performances from Selfless, it was Knoxx and Nocogdh in particular who were able to stop Defran and Sinatraa in their tracks, giving their team the chance they needed to defeat the team for a second time this tournament.

And with that, Rogue wins the Overwatch Monthly Melee March, taking home $6,000. Selfless doesn’t go home empty-handed, winning $3,000. LG Evil took third and $1,000.

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