Overwatch Monthly Melee Day 1 Recap: Selfless Reaches 33 Wins in a Row, Rogue on top of Group A

Posted by Peggy "Moirai" Forde at 19 March 2017 12:00

Rogue has a perfect night while Selfless and RunAway go head to head.

The Overwatch Monthly Melee is back and wasted no time in putting on a show. Brasilian Gaming House and RunAway - teams from Brazil and Korea, respectively - have arrived as challengers for this months' Monthly Melee, along with some familiar faces. Day One decided the bracketing for Day Two, which will happen Sunday, March 19, starting at 5 PM EST / 10 PM CET. 

Off Stream

  • FaZe Clan vs Rogue - Rogue wins, 0-2
  • faZe Clan vs Brasil Gaming House - FaZe wins, 2-0
  • Brasil Gaming House vs Rogue - Rogue wins, 0-2


On Stream 

fnatic vs Brasil Gaming House - fnatic wins, 2-0

Brasil Gaming House's (BGH) first outing in an OMM was a bit of a misstep as they failed to take down fnatic. Though they put up quite a fight on Hanamura, forcing fnatic to play in Overtime, fnatic simply overwhelmed BGH in the end.

Rogue vs fnatic - Rogue wins, 2-0

Rogue's win was two-fold: the team played well, but fnatic had some missteps - including a crucial miss from Buds' Widowmaker on a sleeping enemy Soldier: 76 on Temple of Anubis - and it was top-teir play by AKM's Soldier: 76 and Unkoe's Ana that helped the team push through to their first OMM March win.

fnatic vs FaZe Clan - FaZe wins, 2-1

The first streamed game that wasn't a blowout, fnatic fell to FaZe thanks in part to Mikeya's fantastic Tracer on control maps and shadowburn being, well, shadowburn. He had a few big plays that kept his team ahead, such as this triple kill that helped further secure their win on Nepal.

Off Stream

  • LG Evil vs Immortals - Immortals win, 1-2
  • LG Evil vs Selfless - Selfless win, 1-2 

On Stream

RunAway vs Selfless Gaming - Selfless wins, 1-2

Probably the most-hyped match of the night, the Korean team RunAway fought through some ping issues (thanks to their playing from Korea due to APEX Season 2) to face 30-win-streak Selfless Gaming for their first step into OMM. Selfless had a very aggressive playstyle that RunAway didn't seem to be prepared for. Sinatraa often lead the charge, getting into RunAway's face at spawn to hold them off long enough for his team to secure their two map wins.

RunAway vs LG Evil - RunAway wins, 2-0

RunAway bounced back from their Selfless loss well, especially given their reportedly 195 ping. Haksal in particular didn't seem to notice the high ping, however, having multiple big-kill plays that resulted in his team securing the map and, eventually, the game.

Immortals vs Selfless - Selfless wins, 0-2

Although only the third map was streamed - due to the fact that their Hamanura map took longer than expected, ending a few minutes after the RunAway vs LG Evil game - there was still a lot of action. Though Immortals had some fantastic plays and seemed to take a more Selfless-style, aggressive approach to their pushes, Selfless was still able to grab their 32nd win in a row. Emongg in particular had a great game, stopping many of Immortal's pushes before they could truly have any effect.

RunAway vs Immortals - Immortals win, 0-2

RunAway fell short against Immortals, losing in two maps to the American team. Agilities and Grimmreality were the MVPs of the match, with both having fantastic plays on Temple of Anubis and King's Row, respectively.

Today's performances aside, all the teams have a chance to win it all in the double-elimination bracketting phase tomorrow. The first place team will take home $6,000; second place will take $3,000 and third place will score $1,000.

Day Two of the Overwatch Monthly Melee starts on Sunday, March 19, at 5 PM EST / 10 PM CET.

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