Hammers eSports welcomes The Chavs to their organisation

Posted by Thom "TiddlyThom" Vroegindewey at 09 March 2017 01:07

Hammers eSports has signed The Chavs to replace their roster that was bought by Luminosity Gaming.

Hammers eSports, following the loss of their Overwatch team to LG, have signed a new Overwatch roster. This one just as full of promise and ambition as their previous team. Anyone still following the EU scene should be familiar with their new team: The Chavs have been making waves within the dying EU scene by dominating the small tournaments that do take place.

The Chavs have been playing together since September 2016 and have found success since. So much success that they were able to try their luck at cross-Atlantic tournaments where they performed admirably under high ping. In their latest LAN tournament (next to no ping) they took first place by sweeping Team Dignitas, after an already impressive un.

The Chavs were clearly some of the best unsigned talent around, especially in the EU scene. Until now. Hammers has welcomed them to the fold and you can expect the team to make the further improvements in their play that come with having a stable sponsor, and the opportunity to take the esport even serious as they dedicate more time and resources to it.

This new signing will move them to North America in order to prepare them for the oncoming Overwatch League. This will mean Europe has lost another top 10 team.

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