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If you could change something in Overwatch, what would it be? You don’t always have to go big. Sometimes it’s the subtle changes that feels the greatest. In this series, we’ll go over some of the quality of life changes that could be made in Overwatch.


Communication is key in a game like Overwatch. Which is why the developers have added so many different ways: voice chat, text chat, pings But sometimes you meet a team that doesn't communicate in any way.
An issue that can come from this is the lack of organised ultimate use. If people do not communicate in any form, it's hard to know the progress of their ultimate charge, and you might even end up missing their use. Idea found in this thread on Reddit.


The proposal is straightforward: When holding tab in game, a percentage counter will now show for every friendly player, showing how far they've progressed on their ultimates. This way, besides knowing when allies have ultimates ready, you will also when who else is close to having it ready.

Up- and downsides

The clear upside to this is making it clearer for players of all skill levels that their allies do in-fact have ultimates as well, and are working on charging them up for those power spikes. If you have access to this information, you will sooner start considering your ally's ultimates and also the synergy with your own.

A big downside is that it could be a source of criticism and toxicity. Some heroes are notoriously faster at charging their ultimates than others, but this is not common knowledge for all players. This means players may use the slower charge rates as a reason to flame their allies when salty, whether that's reasonable or not.

This is an idea for a change, but an idea doesn't automatically mean it's a good one. Maybe you have your own idea for a quality of life change? Make sure to make your voice heard!

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