Grego, Reaver & Co are Really Cool Guys

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Grego and Reaver's next roster, Rly Cool Guys, was registered on our site a few days ago. They will be playing in this week's Alienware event.

A new challenger has appeared, formed from ex-members of five top teams. The new team will make its debut at the Alienware Merry Melee beginning on December 1st, which we will share more info on tomorrow.. This will be the first tournament for former Cloud9 players Grego and Reaver since leaving the team last month. They have decided on the name Rly Cool Guys, though are no doubt searching for an organization to represent.

Let’s take a look at the roster:


The roster is an interesting mix of veteran and rookie players. The main focus of the team will most likely be the legendary Grego and Reaver, dominating earlier this year under the Cloud9 banner. They both left Cloud9 last month in a shakeup that involved half the roster. Along with Frisco and Robwiz, they will look to form a solid core for the new comers to thrive off of.

The new talents they hope to develop, Shadder2k and Wunderfuls, will have a lot to prove. Both had brief spells on top teams, OWKings and FaZe respectively, and played well enough to catch the eye of whoever put the team together. Now it’s on them to perform up to par and keep their spots, especially with major, ticket-free agents such as Talespin waiting in the wings.

There are a lot of questions surrounding this team and we'll be looking for the answers at the Alienware Merry Melee later this week. 

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Thank you for voting!
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