Luminosity Gaming picks up European team, 2sTroNk

Posted by Galen "Z0MBEE" Henseler at 01 August 2016 22:15

One of the premier eSport organizations is making its way into Overwatch as Luminosity Gaming signs 2sTroNk.

Luminosity Gaming has been making headlines lately, first picking up a Brazilian CS:GO team and now signing the European Overwatch team, 2sTroNk. With a record of forty wins and only fourteen losses in July, the new LG team has been working their way up the Overwatch ranks and currently sits as the tenth ranked team in the world. Luminosity is already planning on moving the team to the United States, where they will be provided with a team house and new equipment. Moving ahead, the roster for new LG team will be:

While the new LG squad has already been successful, neither the team, nor the organization, thinks they have peaked. The shotcaller for the new LG squad, Vytis 'Mineral' Lasaitis, said that "LG matched our aspirations better than any other organization and would provide us with the best possible opportunity to reach the top." Steve Maida, the founder of Luminosity Gaming, has this to say about his new team:

We have a history of hosting some of the best teams in the World, so we also want to win and be the best team, as I'm sure the players do to. We feel confident that this team has all the pieces to succeed.

LG dropped its former team, Mixup, in order to make room for their new Overwatch team. The press release states that both parties are seeking new opportunities, and LG obviously found their next team. However, the Mixup lineup is going to be searching for a new sponsor... perhaps NRG?

You can check out the full press release here.

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With the support of such an established organization, will the new LG Overwatch team reach the level of EnVyUs and Cloud9?

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