Code7 signs with Team SoloMid

Posted by Galen "Z0MBEE" Henseler at 22 July 2016 22:01

After parting ways with Gale Force eSports just a few weeks ago, Code7 has signed with one of the biggest names in eSports, Team Solo Mid.

Team SoloMid has been searching for an Overwatch team for months and found their squad with Code7. Formerly under Gale Force eSports, Code7 has had a string of recent success, with twenty-one wins to go along with only seven losses during the month of July. They are currently ranked the number six in the world and the third best team in North America. With the support of such an established organization, the new TSM Overwatch team will look to continue on their recent hot streak.

In their press release, TSM comments on their decision to pick up the Code7 team, stating: 

Aside from their stellar performance in recent tournaments, we were impressed with the players’ hunger and drive to be the best, and felt that their values aligned with our high standards of dedication, strong work ethic, and good sportsmanship.

The new TSM Overwatch roster includes:

The full announcement can be found here

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With the support of the TSM organization, will the new TSM Overwatch be able to take on the likes of Cloud9 and EnVyUs?

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