NotEnigma take second tournament win in their second participation

Overwatch “Matthieist”

The team, led by popular player Seagull, seems to be unstoppable as they wipe opponent after opponent.

The fact that the tournament, the FishStix Overwatch Invitational, had no prize pool did not stop the competitive ambitions of the participants. On various moments the participating teams showed great skill by adapting their composition to their enemy’s. The team that excelled at this was, to no surprise for many, NotEnigma. They won both tournaments they participated in, without dropping a single match and are dominating the still young, competitive scene.

An apt example of NotEnigma’s insight would be their match against Quake Guys Redux, on King’s Row. Being the defending team, NotEnigma was pushed back all the way to their last point and the game looked lost. As a surprise tactic, however, all but one of the team’s members switched to the newest tank D.Va. What followed was a cluster of boosters, matrices, self-destructions and a baffled group of Quake Guys Redux players, who didn’t know what had just happened.

But not only NotEnigma knows how to surprise their enemies. Team Salt Miners attacking team Buff Widowmaker on King’s Row, and chose a strategy which can only be described as being bananas. Just a few moments before the game starts, all but one player switched to Winston and rushed towards the first Capture Point. The players of Buff Widowmaker weren’t at all prepared for such a furry barrage and quickly dropped the point.

However, a strategy like this can backfire as well. Having tasted success with the Winston strategy against Buff Widowmaker, the team tested whether Hubris was armed better against the space ape. Unfortunately for the Salt Miners the line up of Hubris consisted of a Reaper and McCree, whilst being boosted by two Lucio’s. With one Lucio enhancing the speed of the team and the other constantly healing, the tank slayers Reaper and McCree darted around the monkeys, eliminating them one by one.

At its peak the tournament managed to attract more than 3,000 viewers, which is quite an accomplishment for a game as new as Overwatch, especially keeping in mind it’s only in beta. With the competitive scene already taking off, the future of Overwatch is looking to be a bright one. It will be interesting to see whether NotEnigma will be able to hold their tight grip on the scene, or whether other teams will manage to reach the same level eventually.

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