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Like all the best things in Overwatch, Power Rankings took a few weeks off, and my how things have changed in that short time. The first version of Power Rankings can be found here, and you'll see some familar names and faces, but much has changed at the top of the Overwatch competitive scene.  This is how I see the teams right now, for a more numbers based approach, you can simply glance at our GosuGamers.net Official Global Rankings.   

5. #FlatEarth

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I have #FlatEarth at five mostly on the merit of taking a map off of IDDQD in todays King of the Watch, a feat which most teams fail to accomplish.  Moreover, #FlatEarth took Nepal, a King of the Hill map on which they previously defeated REUNITED.gg on to win the Game On Overwatch Cup. It seems King of the Hill may be their strength. However, #FlatEarth will have to tighten up their play on payload maps to be able to contend more consistently.

Player to watch: Linkzr

If you like watching a variety of heroes being played, then do I have the player for you: Linkzr switches heroes more than almost any other player in the Overwatch scene. More often than not, you can find Linkzr taking a moment to click some heads with a Widowmaker, before discarding that idea entirely. It is hard to guage what hero Linkz will play most often, but he generally switches to high impact heroes and attempts to swing momentum into #FlatEarth's favor.

4. Mix^

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This top North American team took out high-level EU teams #FlatEarth and Melty eSports in the GosuGamers EU Weekly #6. They did however, lose to the best EU has to offer in REUNITED.GG and IDDQD. Mix^ looks strong, and has had no problem advancing through the early rounds of tournaments. When Mix^ enters a bracket, I expect to see them in the semi-finals or finals, but this current roster has yet to beat the very top teams.

Player to watch: Seagull 

Everything's coming up explodey. Seagull's Junkrat has been absolutely devestating to opposing teams, and his tires have more kills than they have treads. His use of Junkrat's ultimate will be tested, however, with the charge rate being lowered. Rip-Tires aside, Seagull has a great handle on Junkrat's kit, using mines for mobility, while also connecting the majority of his primary shots (when they aren't being used for tactical area denial).



Previous: #5

Much like Mix^, if REUNITED.gg is in a bracket, I expect to see them in the semi-finals. There have been some roster rumors, but this team is as consistent as they come. However, maybe some sort of change is needed for REUNITED.gg to start collecting more 1st place finishes instead of being a second place staple. That said, every week we wonder if REUNITED.gg will win the finals, because every week they put themselves in position to win. 

Player to watch: Winghaven

When he is on his game, Winghaven is the best Reinhardt player and often lands extremely impactful Earth Shatters and very smart charges. However, I worry about Reinhardt as a hero, and could see the old guy getting pushed out of the meta. It will be interesting to see if Winghaven is able to swing his hammer and swat Genjis out of the sky, or if he is bullied off the reliable hero by an evil British time sorceress.


2. Cloud9.gg

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We no longer need a search engine to figure out the best team in North America. Cloud9.gg, formerly GoogleMe, has been an unstoppable force in North American brackets. Since they debuted as GoogleMe in the One Hit Club Weekly #1, Cloud9.gg has only lost twice;  once to EnVyUs (2-3), and to IDDQD (2-3). They have shown they can breeze through tournaments and compete with the best teams in both regions.   

Player to watch: Reaver

It is easy to be enamored with Surefour's Genji play, it is phenomenal.  But like the team at the top of this list, elite teams have two excellent damage players, and as Reaver goes, so goes Cloud9.gg. When Reaver shows up it is generally in the form of a three-kill out of nowhere. When teams begin to focus and attempt to shutdown Surefour, Reaver is called upon to step up big, and he does more often than not.  


Previous: Honorable Mention

Full Disclosure: I just watched IDDQD put on a show against #FlatEarth in the Creation eSports King of the Watch tournament. I think #FlatEarth is a good team, even more so after being able to beat IDDQD on Nepal today. But IDDQD is making it look unfair. Their nearly perfect execution of the Double Orb style composition steamrolls teams, posting some of the fastest offensive times we’ve ever seen on maps. And now they’ve added Mendokusaii to the roster. Pluppie and Mendo are both great Genjis and great duelers, they pick smart one-on-ones, and they win them; constantly. The Symmetra play of InternetHulk also stands out, with extremely aggressive offensive teleporters. And of course none of this works without  the phenomenal support play from Cocco, chiphajen and Nbrgbup. I’m impressed with their decisions, their coordination, and their individual skill. I know this sounds like overly wrought praise, but consider this: since debuting as IDDQD in our GosuGamers EU Weekly #3, nearly a month ago, IDDQD has not lost a set.  And I think they’re getting better.  

Player to watch: INTERNETHULK

Back in the old days, Melty's baud set the bar for Symettra play, largely because almost no one was playing Symettra. Well, now she is firmly established in the meta both on offense and on defense. INTERNETHULK consistently makes plays of the game as Symmetra, not only with his super aggressive teleporters, and his deftly placed sentry turrets, but with very intelligent corner peaking and damage timings. More than once, opponents have underestimated Hulk's Symmetra only to find themselves in the play of the game, dead, on the ground.

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Will IDDQD be the top team for some time to come?

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