Exclusive Interview with 2016 GosuAwards Winners: Immortals feat. Hyped and Grim Reality

Overwatch Wilson “scr1be” Xu

Immortals first came onto the scene as rising stars, Sodipop. After a short period of growing pains, Immortals has risen through the competitive North American environment to become one of the top teams. For their massive level of improvement, the Overwatch GosuAwards committee awarded them the title of Most Promising Team of 2017.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Christopher ‘GrimReality’ Schaefer and George ‘Hyped’ Maganzini to discuss what it takes to get to this point. Their insights on what developing teams should be practicing, as well as the importance of team houses, were extremely enlightening and a must hear for any player looking to enter the competitive scene.

Many thanks to the Immortals organizations, especially Bianca ‘BaeMax’ Danielle, for helping coordinate this interview, and we wish the boys the best of luck competing in the new year!

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