Interview with Bryce Blum: I don't think a player's union is coming within the next couple of years

Overwatch Wilson “scr1be” Xu

As part of a continuous effort to educate both the player base and community about the some of the inner workings of the competitive scene, I sat down with Bryce Blum, founding partner at IME Law and one of the best legal minds in the esports scene. 

In our interview, we took a cursory look at what players should be doing when it comes down to the negotiation phase with a team. While Bryce does represent around 30 esports teams, he strongly recommended players seek legal help before signing anything. Even though the standard esports contract has been tailored to be a better representation of fair practices of the scene, the majority of people, who ever look at a contract without prior legal experience, might be unable to decipher every detail within the document. 

Combined with some very insightful conclusions about players unions and what the legal landscape of esports will look in a few years, this interview is an extremely important resource for any person or player looking to have any legal dealings with esports in the new future. 

Be sure to follow Bryce @esportslaw on Twitter and why not check out his upcoming project with EsportsPRC @esportsprc.

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