GosuGamers Power Rankings - North America Edition (July)

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Writer Scr1be is here to add some flair to our GosuGamers Rankings, as well as add his own reasons for the volatile NA scene. 

1. EnVyUs (-)

ELEAGUE Overwatch Open NA Qualifier 1- 1st Place
Alienware Month Melee July- 1st Place
iBUYPOWER Summer 2016 Invitational - 1st Place
Beat Invitational - 1st Place
Qualified for ESL gamescom

By EnVy’s count, they have won 52 sets in a row. Dominance is honestly hard to quantify, but when the last time you lost was GosuGamers EU Weekly 12, it becomes slightly easier. Envy’s success comes from their ability to adapt with each patch and the versatility of each player in their roles. Hulk ran D.Va before she rolled into the meta, and Chipshajen was already one of the best Zenyatta players before the patch. As much of a fan I am of the Boys in Blue, I am keeping a close eye on the upcoming gamescom and ELEAGUE events. All winning streaks come to an end, but Envy’s end might be a while off.

2. Cloud9 (-)

ELEAGUE Overwatch Open NA Qualifier 2 - 1st Place
Alienware Monthly Melee July - 2nd Place
iBUYPOWER Summer 2016 Invitational - 2nd Place
Beat Invitational - 3rd Place
Qualified for ESL gamescom

If C9 failed to qualify for gamescom, they’d be 4th on this list. But with another victory, Cloud9 limps along to a second place finish. It is not a stretch to say the boys in light blue need to find the magic, which kept them at the top of North America’s rankings in the past. Signs point to bigger performances required from Reaver and Surefour, but it might just be an overall lack of practice. Of course, despite their “slump” they still managed to take a game off of Envy, which is an accomplishment in its own right. C9 has an opportunity to prove everyone wrong with a win at gamescom or ELEAGUE in the coming months, but it’ll be an uphill climb.

3. compLexity Gaming (+2)

ELEAGUE Overwatch Open NA Qualifiers #1 - 2nd Place
iBUYPOWER Summer 2016 Invitational - 3rd Place
Beat Invitational - 2nd Place
Qualified for ESL gamescom

Cloud9 isn’t even the best second place team in their region. They were good as Gale Force and Code 7, but coL has just simply gotten better. Amid the allegations thrown around during their pick up, coL has come out in extremely solid form in their recent competitions. They have looked incredibly strong against the rest of NA, but have seriously struggled against Envyus. Normally, only losing against the best in your region would net you the second position, but they have simply been lost against the ex-Europeans. The ex-TSM roster is a clear standout in the North American scene, but there are a lot of questions surrounding their performance. Be sure to keep an eye out for them at gamescom and ELEAGUE.

4. Fnatic.OW (NEW)

Alienware Monthly Melee July - 3rd
ELEAGUE Overwatch Open NA Qualifier #2- 3rd-4th
GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly NA #16 - 1st Place
GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly NA #15 - 1st Place

Qualified for ESL gamescom

How good is Fnatic? They’ve taken Cloud9 to game 5. They’ve beaten NRG 3-0. The only team they don't have a good record against is TSM. Did I mention they took a game off EnVyUs? Fnatic has been the dark horse in the North American scene, but their results show growth and a progression in a major threat for the throne. Behind the firepower of IDDQD, they have been able to plow through teams, but fnatic lacks the overall cohesiveness to beat a team like Envyus. Lowkey, FNC is an extremely smart team, and they definitely have the potential to break out at the LANS.

5. NRG (-2)

ELEAGUE Overwatch Open Qualifier #2- 2nd
iBUYPOWER Summer 2016 Invitational - 4th Place
Did NOT qualify for ESL gamescom

I guess Shaq forgot to book the honeymoon phase. Immediately after being coined “the best team in Overwatch”, NRG lost in a stunning 3-0 fashion to “underdogs” Fnatic, after losing a game to lowly Splyce. To add insult to injury, I actually had to edit this article because they just failed to qualify for gamescom. Don’t get me wrong: I love the guys. NRG has some of the best talents in the game, but they just haven’t been able to put it together. Seagull seems uncomfortable on Reaper, and Gods doesn't seem to be the main damage dealer on the team. Moving under a new org might be the start of an upward climb, but their perpetual support issues need to be dealt with first.

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