Leaked rumours: StarCraft 2 announced in Feb/March

Posted by Jonatan "Mazor" Littke at 08 January 2007 15:43

CEVO, an online Counter-Strike league, recently had an internal online voice meeting where several gaming secrets were discussed, including the statement that StarCraft II is coming in the end of February or early March. A sound recording of the meeting leaked and experts tells GosuGamers that it seem authentic.

In the internal meeting, the boss of CEVO reveals a lot Counter-Strike related things. He mentions, for example, that CPL has lost all its sponsors except for Razer and will have a hard time financing the World Tour. This and many other Counter-Strike news are already posted all over the Counter-Strike community and it will not take too long until some can be confirmed.

7:30 into the sound file, one of the administrators asks the boss if he knows anything about StarCraft II that has not been announced. The boss replies that he has heard from his sources that it will be announced "end of February, early March" but that the date might be "pushed back further". Here is the discussion, word by word, about StarCraft II:

Person 1: Someone argued with me.. do you know anything, that not everyone knows, about for StarCraft II?

Boss: StarCraft II, from what I hear, is meant to be launched in the end of February, early March. That date could get pushed back.

Person 2: It's Blizzard.

Boss: But that is what we are hearing right now, basically end of February, early March. And yes, that's what I know. I know no more than that, Blizzard are not saying anything.

Person 2: Is that when they're in the store?

Boss: Launch meaning that they're going to announce when it's in the store.

Person 2: Yeah because I thought if that's the date when its going to be showed up in store then that would've been the most covered up game ever.

Boss: Nonono, launch means that this is when they are going to say: by the way, here's the game, here's the preview of the game and [they'd] launch the marketing campaign for it it'd say, but, yeah, so late February to Early March. We'll see how pure to the word they'd stay, I dont know but, yeah, who knows.

Person 2: [something about the game being announced in March]. The game will probably be scheduled for October, won't come up until December for the holiday season. That's a Blizzard's track record, delaying everything 2-5 months.

Person 3: I dont think about StarCraft if the World of WarCraft kept going on .

Everyone speaking at the same time: [StarCraft is huge].

Boss: StarCraft is probably their most popular [section cut]

Thereafter the section is cut and they continue to discuss internal administration things and more Counter-Strike related topics.

greykarn: The information for CS seem very probable

One of the experts we asked was Sweden greykarn, Editor at and partly at GG.wc3, about how authentic the information really is. He says that all the information for Counter-Strike seem probable and that he believes both the sound file and the information itself is authentic.

On the other hand, the CEVO boss does not share his sources for the StarCraft II rumours as he focuses mostly on Counter-Strike, yet to GosuGamers it seem obvious that the man has good sources within the gaming community and that StarCraft II is coming nearer isn't impossible at all.

Download the sound file below to hear it yourself or read more at ESReality.

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