KeSPA now no longer a private organization

General Juabe “moveslikejuaber” Inciong

With the passing of the eSports Promotion Bill, the Korean eSports Association opens its doors to the public.

In Korea, a huge leap in eSports has just been made. KeSPA, formerly a private organization, is now available to anyone who wants to join the prestigious group. This is part of the "NEXT eSports" project planned by Chief Jun Byung Hun. Some of the big changes to the structure include:

1. Any active eSports team can join. There are no more membership fees;

2. TV stations and join and get broadcast rights;

3. Game developers can join as well, with part of their membership fee used to support the amateur scene and develop it;

4. Make sure players get protected and help them transition well into retirement, among others.

This an amazing development for anybody involved in the Korean eSports scene, as the premiere eSports organization going public allows it to grow into a more diverse and developed community, enriching the players, team staff, and the fans even further.

Source: Team Liquid Forums (English Translation)