Gamefy releases date and groups of Dota 2 Super League

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Gamefy has announced the ten teams who will be participating in the Dota 2 Super League this season with only NeoES.Orange as the only foreign team. The tournament is set to begin on the 10th of May and will have a game every other weekend.

A new update has arrived for the much anticipated Dota 2 Super League and this time, the organizers have released the list of teams participating and the full schedule.

Despite telling Gosugamers that there may be a western team participating (excluding LGD.Int), the only non-Chinese teams participating is NeoES.Orange.



1. Regular season: 2 groups. BO3 round robin group stage; First place auto qualifies, group 2nd and 3rd will play additional games (not sure about this part)

2. Playoffs: Mini double elimination bracket. Second placer of the groups will play each other to secure their spot in the semi-finals. A3 and B3 will also play one another and the winner of the third placer games, will have to play the loser of the second placer games. Example: G-1 League phase 3.

3. Semi finals: BO5 single elimination

4. Finals: BO5

5. Relegation match: 4th and 5th placer of the groupstage will play a BO1 double elimination bracket. The loser of this will be evaluated for participation in the next season.


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All the games will be played in a best-of-three format. No English casters for the tournament has been appointed.

All the teams will be competing in an offline environment in a studio in Shanghai, China. The first game is set to begin on the 10th of May and will only be played every other weekend.

David 'GoDz' Parker from BeyondTheSummit tweeted earlier this morning that the tournament will ban the usage of Armlet on the Spirit Bear.


As it turns out, it is the Armlet on Lone Druid ban is a miscommunication between GoDz and the organizers. It will NOT be banned.



The Premier League prizes

1st place   500,000 RMB (~$81,103)

2nd place

  200,000 RMB (~$32,441
3rd place   100,000 RMB (~$16,220)
4th place   50,000 RMB (~$8,110)

Source: SGamer