The finalists known at CeBIT

General Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf

This tournament has proved to be very prominent for Incredible Miracle as all four of the semi finalists are players of their roster, resulting in $60,000 USD going their way.


YoDa started by showing that achievements are not everything, putting Hellion pressure on MVP as he was building his mech army. YoDa played the game in control and in the end his mech completely annihilated the bio coming out of MVP. However, MVP came back in a convincing fashion and outplayed YoDa in game two by gathering all the information and revealing none himself. In game three, YoDa revived the early Reaper rush and with great production composition aswell as micro, he stole the game from MVP and the early "gg" was called. MVP once again made a comeback and took down game four, forcing the series the one last deciding game, a game there is no comeback from. And what a game it was, intense and clutch play from both sides. Both players were running similiar unit compositions, being very Marine heavy but YoDa with great positioning throughout the game aswell as additional tank support claimed the victory and moves on to the final.

First after finishing third in his group have been really impressive in the playoffs, taking out Dream in the 1/8 and viOLet in the quarters and starting the semi final vs YongHwa with a quick 1-0. YongHwa applied heavier pressure in game two, but the Void Ray play from First secured him a 2-0. First finished off the amazing playoffs run by taking the third game aswell, YongHwa is eliminated and First moves on the final vs YoDa.

South Korea YoDa vs First South Korea

The final will be Terran vs Protoss and the final will be double Incredible Miracle. Watch the match live at the official ESL stream. It is scheduled to start any minute now.

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