Rekkles leaves Fnatic on account of US labor laws

General Michale “DreXxiN” Lalor
In recent tournies, Fnatic have been absolutely dominant and Rekkles has made a name for himself as a young, prodigal 16 year-old AD carry.

Rekklesnews.jpgEven in the midst of legendary and established carries, Rekkles remained a dominant threat to the bottom lane against many opponents. Unfortunately, that time, at least professionally, has come to an end. For many unfamiliar, the top 3 EU and NA teams are salaried a set amount each year by Riot Games.

Unfortunately, due to child labor laws in the USA, Rekkles does not qualify as he is underrage and cannot receive a salary, thus, needing to leave his team. Here is an excerpt of the statement from Rekkles:

Hello everyone, I got some good and bad news for you and I'd share them.

I will start with the bad one;

It's now 100 % sure that I will not be able to compete professionaly untill i turn 17. So I'd like to start with wishing my team good luck in finding a new AD Carry, and doing well in the season 3 qualifiers. Also a big thank you to everyone from Fnatic for giving me the chance to experience how it is to be a professional player.

In the meantime, Rekkles will have to play as an amateur until he is 17, and Fnatic will have to seek out a new AD Carry for their team.

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