Absolute Legends confirms s0ny for G

General Christoph “malnor” Helbig
The switch in Absolute Legends' lineup which was hinted by TPL has now been confirmed by the team. s0ny will repace God as the fifth player.

One part of the the day before yesterday's leak about G leaving Absolute Legends has been confirmed. Absolute Legends from now on plays with the Romanian player Bere 'S0ny' Adrian instead of Sergey 'G' Bragin.

God leaves the European team because of 'personal reasons'. This means the second of the rumor, that he will join LGD has not been confirmed so far and remains only a rumor.

Statement by Sergey 'G' Bragin:

"Hello guys, I am sorry to say that I am leaving aL for personal reasons, this is a personal decision that I had to make and it was very hard to make. aL team consists of nice guys and great players, i had really great time with them, we didn't practice much and all our practice were official games and we were doing not bad there. I want to give a big "THANK YOU" to this team and aL organisation for respecting my choice and wishing me luck. I will always cheer for this team and hope they will find their 5th player soon."

Statement by Bere 'S0ny' Adrian:

"Hey everyone my name is S0ny, I'm very pleased to be part of this team with my old teammates and friends CWM and freezer, and to play with great players like vigoss and mania. I hope we can reach our goals with this team. aL seems to be a very nice place to play at so I'm proud to be here."

Statement by Islam 'Samo' Kenawy:

"I'm quite sad that we had to deal with a roster change so shortly after attaining this team. However, things happen and players make choices be it due to real life issues or simply wishing to have a change of heart. I wish G the best of luck and it was good working with him for that very short time. I'd just like to point out that there was no internal issues within the team and the whole thing has been very mutual. We are glad to say we are picking up S0ny as he has been a fantastic player without much of a chance to show himself in Dota 2 so far. aL fighting!"

New Lineup of Absolute Legends:
Denmark MaNia
Romania ComeWithMe
Romania Freezer
Romania s0ny
Russia Vigoss

Source: Absolute Legends
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