Season 2 World Championship Updates!

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
deman%20240.png Several strong teams and brilliant talents contest for 2 Million Dollars at the grand finals.

Indisputably one of the most anticipated E-sports events to come, we've received updates of the groups going into the Season 2 Finals. Lots of big names from all across the globe will be participating in a 2 Million dollar prize purse.

Being a landmark as one of the highest prize pool tournaments to fight for, rest assured our contenders will be putting up fights like you have never seen and pulling out all of the secret strategies and exciting plays they have been practicing for.

The teams you will see fighting their hearts out for this massive prize pool and the pride of winning the Season 2 world finals, marking them as the undisputed best team in the world, will be as follows.

United States Counter Logic Gaming NA
Europe SK Gaming
China Invictus Gaming
South Korea Azubu Frost

Vietnam Saigon Jokers
South Korea NaJin Sword
Europe Counter Logic Gaming EU
United States Team Dignitas

Regional Byes
Russia Moscow 5.BenQ
Taiwan Taipei Assassins
United States Team SoloMid
China World Elite

With such a fierce roster of teams, you are sure to see some of the best games League of Legends and e-sports alike have ever seen, casted by the likes of Phreak, Rivington, Jatt, and our unexpected fan favorite, Leigh 'Deman' Smith!

Stay tuned and make sure not to miss it. The playoffs begin October 4-6 with the Grand Finals occuring on October 13th.

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Demans' Twitter - Confirmation of Casting