The Tough Bananas win joinDOTA Masters 8

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 04 June 2012 16:21
The eighth joinDOTA Masters has gone to The Tough Bananas. The tournament was a mess for The International applicants.

With a 2-0 win over team Darer, the European roster of The Tough Bananas has secured victory in the eighth joinDOTA Masters. The win in the two day tournament gave the team a €500 prize money.

The International 2 teams unsuccessful

The tournament was delayed by one day after severe Xsplit problems on Friday. First day featured the four quarter finals. Five of the participating teams are playing in The International 2 qualifiers from Wednesday on. Overall, the jD Masters turned into a mess for the TI2 contenders.

In the first round, four of out five TI2 West qualifier participating teams had to strike sail: VP lost to TI2-invitee Darer, just as mousesports dropped out of the tournament against compLexity. Quantic, the only American team in the West Qualifier lost against the eventual winning team The Tough Bananas. In the TI2-West internal fight mTw against Infused, the Swedish players from Infused were the only to pass round 1.

jD Masters Bo1 until the Semis, Final Bo3

Of course, one has to keep in mind that the jD Masters are just played in a best-of-one format in the quarters and the semis. Only the final was played in best-of-three, which was Darer against TTB after Infused lost against the Ukrainians and TTB eliminated the Americans.

All matches were played with the knowledge of every team that from Wednesday on, most of the teams will meet again in even much more important matches. Maybe some teams sacrificed a better result in the jD Masters for saving strategies for the West Qualifier starting on Wednesday.

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Roster The Tough Bananas:
Denmark Calculus
Denmark Balsam
Sweden S4
United Kingdom henrydickenson
Germany neNo-

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