KongoTime guest stars on DC Talk

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
Heard some nice conversations between the DC crew and the pros? Time to mix it up a little. This time DC Talk will feature our DotA Templar, KongoTime and PlayDotA staff, 3.14159.

Topics that will be included in the talk include professionalism in competitive DotA, events and sponsors for DotA and finally about the DotA community. The host from will be DC's sadmud who also happens to be one of our strategist in the DotA section.

DC talk will be hosted tomorrow at 20.00 CET and can be watched from the embed below when it goes online. For those we can't make it live, not to worry as it will be recorded for you guys.

As the dotacommentaries Teamspeak server is currently suffering downtime, the show had to be moved to Sunday the 3rd of April at 16:00 CET.

Update: Due to the xsplit servers being inavailable, the only way to follow the show is the dotacommentaries teamspeak 3 server:

Address: dotacommentaries.com
Port: 25432
Download option in the link key

We apologize for the inconvenience; the audio recording will be published on both dotacommentaries and gosugamers, by the time they are available.

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