The hunt is over - South Korea's Team MakNooN wins ROG JTR:CC

LoL Simon “Leoverse” Garnace

South Korea’s back at it again.

The Republic of Gamer’s Join the Republic: Community Challenge for League of Legends has now culminated with South Korea’s Team MakNooN 2-0, Finals victory against North America’s Team CaptainMonk held in the Monster Energy Dreamhack Studio in Stochkholm, Sweden.

North America initially showed promise when they were able to punish South Korea's mistakes through creating crucial picks and favorable skirmishes to change the tides of the game in their favor. However, South Korea demonstrated their superior decision making and macro play all-throughout the best-of-three series, winning the two games although having lesser overall kills.

Throughout the majority of the games, South Korea was always in the  lead in terms of gold and tower takedowns - a testament to their cool and collected playstyle, being able to follow through their win conditions despite the team’s tense disposition.


For those unaware, the ROG JTR: CC is an annual global CS:GO and League of Legends competition following a single-elimination 8-team bracket (per game) held over the course of a few months. The competition is hosted by ASUS ROG in the hopes to uncover the next generation of esports superstars, inviting all gamers worldwide to participate.

Each team is made up of a team captain, who is a preselected notable influencer in his respective esport, alongside four (4) gamers handpicked by the team’s captain through auditioning. The eight teams come from auditions held in the countries of China, Barcelona, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, North America, and Taipei.

After the completion of the team roster, the players are sent to a bootcamp to build synergy in and out of game. Once all the teams are assembled, they are sent to compete in the Global Finals to experience esports in the truest sense.

ASUS ROG’s Join the Republic: Community Challenge is a classic take on esports at the grassroots. The competition brings gamers together worldwide to be a part of a community and a movement larger than life.

Check out the tournament’s VODs on their YouTube channel.

Images courtesy of ASUS Republic of Gamers.


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