XiaoWeiXiao: Banned by Riot

LoL David “daxey9” Lee

From problems of player toxicity*1 to "elo-boosting,"*2 League of Legends (LoL) professionals often are frowned for immature actions they take.

Examples include Konstantinos 'Forg1ven' TzortziouMartin "Deficio" Lynge, and Soo-Bin "Raison" Jeong, as they have commited crimes of toxic behavior, team poaching, and elo-boosting respectively. Some personalities like Forg1ven and Deficio recieved less devastating rulings compared to the latter mentioned.

However, every action that these players have caused led to sour perspectives into eSports in general by both the competitive faces and the average LoL gamers. Xian “XIAOWEIXIAO” Yu is no stranger in the matter.

Xian “XIAOWEIXIAO” (XWX) Yu was relevant in the LoL professional scene as a professional gamer since his days in Royal Club to LMQ last year. LMQ went through changes of sponsorships and naming. Hence, the name Team Impulse (TiP) derived from its rebranding.

XWX had many rumors including his playful immaturity during scrims and practices. This was nothing curious as it was both the team and the individual's problem. Once talks of his elo-boosting went online, however, it spiraled into viral tweets and scandalous talks.

As one thing led to another, Riot Games' eSports deparment investigated the rumor further to only prove and comfirm XWX's actions. His penalty from the official ruling was only a few games in the NALCS. 

That did not stop the 20-year-old Chinese professional player.

It was revealed that he took actions into "selling an LCS account, a special privilege to LCS pros to honor their achievement of competing in the highest level of competition in their region." This had pushed XWX into a further devastating ruling of ineligibility for all Riot-affiliated League of Legends competition until February 21, 2016.

Had XWX's crimes involved TiP's management or Rush's assistance in commiting? It has been stated from both parties that none of the mentioned names were involved.


Whether or not XiaoWeiXiao's actions were accompanied by any other profiles, his works in these pety crimes do indeed need to be frowned upon. When young and up-coming players try to play day in and day out to simply play in the big scenes like the LCS, misconduct from eSports celebrities are unsympathetic from those who want the game to be played fair by both solo-que players and professionals.


*1 Toxicity: Misdimeanor; Poor behaviour; Player harrassment

*2 Elo-Boosting: Felony; To raise another's rank when the account is not his or hers; Crime of taking money to raise one's MMR or Elo

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