Details on 2014 Worlds Announced

LoL Kelsey “Prehistorique” Moser

Riot reveals how group stage will be drawn and how the bracket will be formed for the 2014 World Championships.

In a recent update from lolesports, Riot revealed the format of the 2014 Season World Championships. For the group stage, the top seeded team from Korea, China, North America, and Europe will be put in a different group. Then teams will be randomly drawn from second and third seed of Korea and China, the second seeds of Europe and North America, and the first and second seeds of Southeast Asia. The next team of each group will be drawn from the third seeds of NA and EU and the Wildcard winners.

Following the group stage, the first and second seed teams from each group will advance to the bracket stage. The bracket seeds will be determined according to the following infographic.

A and B group teams will be matched together, and C and D group teams will be matched together. All rounds are best of five, single elimination. The winning team will receive $1 million in prize money, for a total prize pool of $2.5 million. All competing teams will be decided September 7th.

A question remains regarding whether or not the groups will be drawn publicly to maintain competitive integrity, but Riot has been mainly praised for this new format.