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Team Virtus.Pro is a relatively new entry into the European Heroes of the Storm scene.  After forming only a few months ago, Virtus.Pro (CEBKAJE, bkbgrnjefek, ANDROIDp, Kunichan and unnstable), a team from the Russian Federation and the rebranded Team ASH, dominated their European competition in the month of July going 13-4 in tournament matches, an astounding 76% winrate, which culminated in the a 1st place at the Go4Heroes Europe Monthly Tournament for July.  However, their momentum tappered off a bit throughout August as teams were more prepared for the might of Virtus.Pro.


Virtus.Pro List of recent accomplishments:
  • Participated in MSI Masters Gaming Arena Grand Finals
  • StormGrounds August Invitational Champions
  • 2nd Place HOTS TopAchat Tournament
  • 1st Place Go4Heroes Europe Monthly Final July
  • 2nd Place IEM Season X - Shenzhen
  • Qualified for Europe Regional Championships through EU Open #1


CEBKAJE bkbgrnjefek ANDROIDp Kunichan unnstable




VK Kunichan

VK unnstable
Team Captain/Support Warrior Player Flex Player Flex Player Flex player
Current most played: Current most played: Current most played: Current most played: Current most played:
Valla - 23%
Uther- 23%
Rehgar - 18%
Johanna - 44%
Leoric - 28%
Muradin - 16%
Jaina - 36%
Zagara - 27%
Zeratul - 18%
Anub'arak - 18%
Tyrael - 14%
Leoric - 14%
Uther - 27%
Malfurion - 18%
Kael'thas - 14%
Valla - 14%
Jaina - 14%


After their first month of domination, Virtus.Pro went 10-7 (56% winrate) throughout the month of August as they faced stiffer competition. Do you want the good news first or the bad news?  Good news?  Virtus.Pro has defeated some great teams in the last month; with victories over the Polish Puszek Team, (2-0, and 2-1), a win against Perezoso Team of Spain (2-0), they took a match against Meet Your Makers (2-0), and split with the venerable Gamers2 team (1-2, 2-1). However, none of those teams will be at the upcoming Enter the Storm #3 tournament.

Pirates in Pajamas, perhaps the ultimate underdog in the upcoming tournament, will be in Enter the Storm #3, and they are the only team in the bracket which Virtus.Pro has beaten (2-1). Time for the bad news.  Nearly every other team in the ETS #3 bracket has had Virtus.Pro's number lately.  Natus Vincere recently defeated Virtus.Pro (2-1). ROCCAT has also defeated Virtus.Pro recently by the score of 2-1. Lastly, team BOB? has defeated Virtus.Pro twice in the last month (1-0, 2-1). If Virtus.Pro moves beyond their first round match-up against team Fnatic, they could end up in a rematch with Natus Vincere. 

But first they will have to get past Fnatic. Watch Virtus.Pro face off against Fnatic in a pivotol game five below.


  • Virtus.Pro has played ALTERNATE FANCY 3 times, winning 67% of these matchups, losing 2 games.
  • Virtus.Pro has played Team Liquid times, winning 0% of these matchups, losing 10 games.
  • Virtus.Pro has played Team ROCCAT 5 times, winning 20% of these matchups, losing 7 game.
  • Virtus.Pro has played Bob Question Mark 3 times, winning 33% of these matchups, losing 4 games.
  • Virtus.Pro has played Fnatic 4 times, winning 100% of these matchups, losing 2 games.
  • Virtus.Pro has played Natus Vincere times, winning 25% of these matchups, losing 6 games.
  • Virtus.Pro has played Pirates in Pyjamas 1 time, winning 100% of these matchups, losing 1 game.


Let's end on the bit of good news; Virtus.Pro absolutely owns Fnatic, winning every single match they've ever played against them. However, as Virtus.Pro has proven, teams and fortunes can change month to month, and Fnatic is certainly looking for revenge.  Of all the teams in the tournament, Virtus.Pro seems the most unpredictable. Capable of beating nearly any team, and able to ride momentum streaks, Virtus.Pro could be a difficult force to stop once they start winning.

Virtus.Pro faces off against Fnatic HOTS in the first round of the Enter the Storm #3 tournament, which begins on 11 September, 2015 16:00 CEST, and will be cast live on twitch.tv/Khaldor. Although the draw seems to be favorable for Virtus.Pro, having defeated Fnatic all four times the teams have faced off, in Heroes of the Storm, anything can happen.

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