Global Games: Canada Ends Group Stage With Another Victory

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 14 June 2017 20:54

The group stage of Hearthstone Global Games is almost at an end and today we saw several teams bring their tournaments to a close.

At the start of the day, Denmark still had a slim chance of progressing to the next phase of Global Games. A lot of things would have to go their way, not least of which was their own result against France. The French were playing for nothing but pride, and after an opening game defeat it looked like they wouldn’t even get that. A 2-0 start for Denmark was exactly what they needed, as only a 3-0 win could keep them in contention. That was before Bestmarmotte took charge of a midrange Paladin deck for France. An awkward start from Denmark’s Evolve Shaman wasn’t doing them any favours and they decided that they had to use Bloodlust to keep France’s Warleader off the board. Even double Evolve couldn’t pull them back into the battle for board control, and despite still being up 2-1 in the series, Denmark were eliminated from the tournament.
There were still games of Herathstone to be played, however, and Hoej stepped in on Silence Priest for game four. Unfortunately for the Danes, even he couldn’t stem the bleeding. From a 2-0 start and a potential playoffs spot, they were suddenly tied up at 2-2 and staring down the barrel of a reverse-sweep. Miracle Rogue was not the answer that Denmark needed either. France’s Discover Mage completed what Evolve Shaman started and France had a 3-2 win to their names.
Canada are a team still very much in contention for the Global Games title. They took on a winless Kazakhstan and got off to a good start in a lengthy Paladin vs Priest matchup. Purple put his team 2-0 in the lead with Jade Druid against a slightly unusual Paladin deck before Kazakhstan fired back with a Quest rogue that easily fended off Canada’s Miracle Rogue, ending the game on turn six. Naiman turned the silly up to a notch in the next game, playing so-called Big Druid. Alas, the fun could not last, as Canada’s Face Hunter did want Hunter has historically done best: end games quickly.
Canada topped their group thanks to the 3-1 win and take an important first place seed into phase two. Another two games will take place tonight, but none of the teams involved can change their qualification status. Brazil is already guaranteed to go through to stage two. They take on a Swiss team which is trying to avoid last place in the group. Similarly, Great Britain faces Peru for the dubious honour of 5th place from six teams.

Earlier in the day, Hungary ended their group stage with a win, and tied with Greece for 2nd in the group. Both teams will go through to the next stage, however, as the top three all qualify.

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