Decklist spotlight: All decks from StarLadder i-League finals

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Get ready to spend some gold and open some card packs - it's netdecking time with StarLadder.

Now, hold your horses. Before we dive right into the decks, let's look at some basic stats, shall we? Every single class with the exception of Hunter was used during the finals, which is impressive, a proof of a somewhat healthy meta (the champion even ran Shaman in his line-up). Most of the classes have found their two best archetypes and there's not much diversity in the builds. For Warlocks things are balanced between Zoo and RenoLocks; for Paladins that secrets and murloc OTK; and for for Mage that's freeze and tempo. As usual, there's not much diversity in Druids, Rogues and Shamans as they run their cookie cutters midrange, oil and aggro, respectively.

Times classes were used in line-ups:

Druid: 6
Hunter: 0
Mage: 4
Paladin: 7
Priest: 2
Rogue: 2
Shaman: 2
Warlock: 7
Warrior: 2

Ukraine Kolento: Zoo Lock Druid OTK PaladinRogue
United States Dog: Anti Aggro LockPatronsFreeze MageDragon Priest
United States JAB: Patron Warrior Secrets PaladinDruidTempo Mage
China Robin: Zoo LockDruid Aggro ShamanSecrets Paladin
United Kingdom Cipher: OTK RenoLock Freeze Mage Secrets PaladinDruid
China Lvxiaobu: RenoLock Druid OTK Paladin Aggro Shaman
Czech Republic StanCifka: Control PriestSecrets Paladin (Cifka's Reno Freeze and RenoLock are incomplete)
Korea Surrender: Druid Zoo Lock Secrets Paladin Oil Rogue




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