Decklist spotlight: Sottle’s Brann Bronzebeard Battlecry Shaman

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Tired of Reno Jackson highlanders? His explorer colleague Brann Bronzebeard also has cool stuff to offer.

If Reno Jackson became the savior of control decks, Brann Bronzebeard got deckbuilders just as excited to build combo and synergistic decks. We’ve seen anything from Mill Rogues to 4/17 Twilight Drakes in Handlocks and Malylocks appear on ladder, but in this article we’re going to take a look at a very underrepresented class: Shaman.

Complexity’s Simon “Sottle” Welch is known as one of the best analysts and creative deckbuilders in Hearthstone and here he is, doing crazy things with Thrall. This midrange deck is heavy on battlecry’s not only because of Brann Bronzebeard but also the pair of Rumbling Elementals, Shaman’s new board-clear tool.

There are a lot of Brann synergies in this deck. Early game combos include double discovers from Jeweled Scarab or double summons from Tuskarr Totemic. The mid to late game synergies include massive Fireguard Destroyers, double card draws from Azure Drake, 6-damage Fire Elementals and, of course, quad-bomb Dr Boom, as if two Boombots weren’t trouble enough.


Can LoE bring Shaman back to prominence?

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  • Eliot "yot" Carter ,
    Anyone with half a brain theorycrafted this deck before Sottle & made attempts -- something Sottle should know is that the Rumblers are utter shit. Obviously he tried his deck in low legend... It's like playing vs r15. Brann is stronger as a simple 3 drop in Dragon priest ; he isn't the center piece of the deck yet the Dragons nearly all have battle cries from t4 and onwards.


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