TakeTV to host a Hearthstone team league

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Hours after Ek0p's triumph at the Hearthstone Invitational, TakeTV announced the launch of a Hearthstone team league starting April 30. A $7,000 prize pool will be given after a fortnight of competition.

Titled the "Hearthstone Gentlemen Cup", TakeTV's team league will invite six teams and extend seeds to two more qualifier winners, similar to how the individual invitational was handled.

The six invited teams - vVv, DogeHouse, MYM, MIA, eSuba and Planetkey Dynamics - are enough to get the initial hype rolling as they host some of the most consistent and well-known players in Europe. This includes TakeTV medalists Gnimsh and Ek0p (DH), IEM Katowice participants SineX and Lothar (Planetkey), Czech powerhouses Alesh and Mirrari (eSuba), and some of the highest ranked weekly tournament participants like Spo, Ostkaka, Kaldi (vVv) as well as Ignite, ThijsNL and BlazingGlory (MYM). Team MIA, on the other hand, will come as the tournament underdogs, featuring an all-Slovenian roster of up-and-coming players.



Poland Gnimsh
Germany Ek0p
Germany Nyhx
United States Artosis


United Kingdom Blackout
Portugal Ignite
Germany Skip
Sweden Semijew
Germany Kunzi
Bulgaria BlazingGlory
Netherlands ThijsNL


Sweden Spo
Netherlands Portex
Sweden Ostkaka
Finland Wampie
Iceland Kaldi


Czech Republic Alesh
Czech Republic CzechCloud
Czech Republic Mirrari
Slovakia Silhan
Czech Republic SuperFrankie
Czech Republic VanillaTitan
Czech Republic Wildmongrel

Planetkey Dynamics

Germany P4wnyhof
Germany Rewind
Netherlands Vortex
Poland Lothar
Germany SineX
Germany Zadkiel


Slovenia Barricade
Slovenia Buksna
Slovenia Freck
Slovenia Kenaph
Slovenia Kerber
Slovenia Killer Bee
Slovenia Grimmjow
Slovenia Pajo
Slovenia sasT
Slovenia Zaephyr


The qualifiers for the last two teams will be held this Wednesday, April 23rd, sign-ups currently open. Once the eight-team line-up is finalized, the tournament will enter a 14-day itinerary starting April 30th before crowning the champions. Prize pool split and details about the format are still unknown with the exception that the series will be Bo7 composed of Bo3 individual matches.