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I've always enjoyed writing this article, ever since I first started it a couple of sets ago. This is probably the worst I have done in trying to predict the cards that would shape the new meta-game, but it was a blast looking back over my predictions anyway. I hope you find them as funny as I did. Here is the original review for comparision.

Ferocious Howl: Miss
Starting right out of the gate with a couple of misses. I think Howl is a good card but it doesn’t really have much of a home right now. Druid likes the armor gain here, but it can do better. It can certainly do better for card draw, too, meaning that Ferocious Howl doesn’t really get a look-in right now.
Splintergraft: Miss
My honourable mention was a bit of a stretch at the time, so I’m not hugely surprised to see this card do nothing in the meta-game thus far.

Wing Blast: Hit
I haven’t seen much of this card on ladder, but it has seen professional play so I’m counting it as a hit. Most hunter decks on ladder simply can’t play this card because it doesn’t have an odd mana cost to go with the improved hero power that boosts the aggressive strategies hunter is best at. Wing Blast is at its best in midrange hunter, which is where the pros seem to prefer to be.
Emeriss: Miss
Another stretch at the honourable mention level. Emeriss’ effect is certainly powerful, but even in those midrange hunter lists it is just too slow and unreliable.

Arcane Keysmith: Miss
Mage is kind of all over the place right now. I have seen Arguel decks, elemental control decks and even a good old fashioned tempo mage. Nobody seems to know the best deck for the class, but one thing is clear, Keysmith doesn’t seem to be part of it. I have seen this card in arena, but almost never on ladder at all. I still think it’s good, but its time hasn’t come just yet.
Black Cat: Miss
I played against Odd Mage in my very first game after Witchwood’s launch. Since then I have seen this card exactly zero times. Big miss.

Bellringer Sentry: Miss
Paladin just has better things to do right now. The class was arguably the least in need of new cards, and Bellringer doesn’t really do anything for existing strategies. Wrong place, wrong time for this guy.
Prince Liam: Miss
This really isn’t going well so far, is it? Similar to Bellringer, Liam just doesn’t add anything to what is already one of the strongest decks in the meta-game.

Lady in White: Hit
Alright, there we go. Not a huge hit, but I’ll take what I can get. Admittedly, I called this card stupid in my review and it has only really seen fringe play, but it’s better than most of my other suggestions so far. It’s still early in the expansion, and there’s still time for Lady in White to remind us all why we hate priest.
Squashling: Hit
Yup, this card is every bit as good as I thought it would be. Again, I’m not seeing a ton of priest on ladder, but this card can fit in just about any version of priest you care to name. Its best in combo decks, but it doesn’t have to go there to be effective.

Tess Greymane: Hit
This one is a little sketchy. Rogue is doing very well right now, and Tess isn’t in the best deck, but she is in a deck and it’s a pretty good one. I’d consider that a hit, as the new and sometimes improved Yogg is at least more fun to play against than Odd Face Rogue.
Cheap Shot: Miss
I’ve seen Kibler playing this, but that’s about it. It’s great in arena but I’m not reviewing arena. Miss.

Shudderwock: Hit
This card was the new hotness on day one of launch. It seems ridiculous that the animation issues with Shudderwock made it through testing, but here we are. Thankfully, the deck is eminently beatable and seems to have almost disappeared from ladder, but after dominating the first couple of days of the expansion (for better or for worse), it can only be classed as a hit here.
Hagatha: Hit
I’m going to be generous and call this a hit. It has seen some play, after all, even if it hasn’t been super successful. The problem with random shaman spells is real, but when Hagatha is on your side she can do a lot of work.

Lord Godfrey: Hit
Warlock didn’t need a lot of help in this expansion, but it got some anyway. Lord Godfrey is the perfect addition to controlling warlock decks. The class has an embarrassment of riches in that regard right now, but Godfrey has worked his way into enough lists to be considered a hit in my eyes.
Deathweb Spider: Miss
Like I said, warlock didn’t need much help and Spider misses out because the class simply has better things to do. Maybe next rotation, Spider.

Deadly Arsenal: Miss
LOL nope. Can I just pretend I wrote about Darius instead?
Town Crier: No grade
In my review, I didn’t actually expect this card to be good. I have seen it played in a pretty bad gimmick deck, but that’s not the point. It’s an interesting card to keep an eye on with more rush cards.

Countess Ashmore: Miss
This is the miss that I’m most expecting to turn into a hit. I have seen some streamers playing this card already, but I have yet to see it on ladder or in pro play. A miss for now, but I’d be surprised if it isn’t a part of the meta-game soon.
Voodoo Doll: Hit
Thank goodness Warlock got the removal it desperately needed, right? Also great in mage, Voodoo Doll is just a clear hit. I picked some low hanging fruit here, but I’m not a proud man. I’ll take what I can get.


Did you do any better at predicting the meta?

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Thank you for voting!
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