Intel Extreme Masters: Katowice 2016 visitors cultural guide

General Aleksei “Aleksei.L” Louchnikov

Whether you’re visiting to enjoy some MOBA action with LoL, personally making sure your Bugatti’s are safe with CS:GO or appreciating the crazy APMs and brains of StarCraft 2, we encourage you to roam around and do some sightseeing, as the city of Katowice has quite a few fascinating tourist attractions.



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National Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio

Branded as one of the best concert halls in Poland, the National Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio is a truly astonishing attraction. The modern exterior of the building is complemented by surrounding greenery and fountains, whilst the interior is something short of amazing in terms of its planning and acoustics. If you don’t enjoy opera then at the very least check out the building and it’s interior.

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Silesian Museum

A modern museum, founded in 1929, reinstated in a hotel building in 1984. The museum has amassed over 120,000 items from various fields of art, as well as archaeological, ethnographic and historical artefacts. Definitely a go-to if you enjoy expanding your knowledge of history and art, as well as simply appreciating the architecture of the building and it’s interior.

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Guitar History Museum

A small museum, host to a very impressive collection of various guitars. Curators within the building are known to be very knowledgeable about the exhibits and also happen to play the instruments presented there, so if you happen to occasionally pull the strings of your dusty guitar or simply enjoy music, make sure to give this place a visit.

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Kosciuszko Park

Located within half an hours walk from the Spodek Arena, a beautiful park with luscious greenery, perfect for an evening walk or an early morning run if you’re the running kind. Not only is this a great place to relax before/after the matches, it also hosts a few monuments and tourist attractions, one of which is the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, a small wooden structure hidden in the shrubs of the park. Feel free to wind down or maybe grab some lunch in the park.

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Cathedral of Christ the King

This grandiose sandstone structure is the largest archcathedral in Poland. Whilst the building can come across plain, it has beautifully coloured stain glass windows, as well as an incredibly large dome, that rises 59 meters high from ground level. Check out the sheer size of the building and its interior, it really is something to witness.

*Spodek Arena has intentionally not been included as the event will be held at the venue. It's also absolutely amazing, so dont just sit around, explore it!

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