PGL Bucharest playoff teams are decided; OpTiC, TnC rise to the occasion

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

Photo courtesy of Jesal Parekh of OpTic Gaming

The eight PGL Bucharest playoff teams have been determined as the group stage concludes. 

After four long days of group stage matches with exciting matches and some very surprising results, the playoff teams have been set. Eight teams were sent home packing after three losses in the best-of-one Swiss style group stage. These unfortunate teams never saw a best-of-three or the main stage and won't see a piece of the prize pool or the DPC points. 

Eight teams survived some brutal matchups and always interesting do-or-die moments. These teams will be handsomely rewarded with a slice of the prize pool but have their sights set on much more important things - TI8 qualifying points and a championship title. 

It was little surprise to many that NewbeeVirtus.pro, and Team Secret all found their way into the playoffs to join Evil Geniuses and VGJ.Thunder who had secured their spots yesterday with undefeated records. For the other three teams - OpTic Gaming, Team Liquid and TnC, the road was a bit longer and harder fought. 

Newbee had taken down compLexity Gaming with little difficulties as the NA team tried unsuccessfully to upset the Chinese team with a push strategy. Col then was forced into a North American grudge match against OpTic Gaming who had fallen to Team Secret after a thrilling comeback by the European squad in the nailbiting hour long game. In the NA do-or-die match, the teams seemed to be on even grounds and incredibly balanced rivals, but it was OpTic Gaming that would come out ahead eventually once they got the ball rolling in their favor. The GreenWall continues to prove they grow stronger and harder to surmount with each passing event. 

Virtus.pro took down TnC in a heavily one-sided affair. Although they risked losing their lead at one point after a crucial team fight, the CIS powerhouse maintained their composure and stronghold until the end to secure their place in the playoffs. The SEA team then had to wait until the last match of the night for their fate to be determined as they went head to head with Natus Vincere who had eliminated the Brazilian boys —PaiN Gaming earlier. Back and forth with their lives on the line, TnC's Terrorblade proved to be more powerful than Na'Vi's Dark Willow pick and the Filipino team did some serious damage to the Ukrainians towards the end of the game to eliminate their CIS opponents and find the last spot in the playoffs. 

Team Liquid had absolutely shellacked ViCi Gaming in a 21-minute slaughter that sent the ESL One Katowice runner-up team home early. The TI7 championship team then took on a recently revived looking OG who had overpowered the SEA kings, Mineski. After a very back and forth, even keel start Team Liquid's execution proved to be superior and took the game out from under the Dream Green team. 

The action continues after a day of recovery and preparation for the playoff-bound teams. The first quarterfinals series will be held on Friday, March 9th at 10:00 CET. 

PGL Bucharest Major playoff teams:

United States Evil Geniuses
China VGJ.Thunder
China Newbee 
Russia Virtus.pro
Europe Team Liquid
Europe Team Secret
United States OpTic Gaming
Philippines TnC 


PGL Bucharest Main Event Format:


  • Single elimination bracket
  • Quarterfinals and Semifinals are bo3
  • Final is bo5



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  • Nate "iklogakhakdog" River ,
    Unfair to those who will face top tier teams. Why not swiss style group then top 8 to upper bracket and top 8 bottom to lower bracket?
    • Johny "Shaze" Shaze ,
      Just as unfair as Bo1 matches imo. I guess they dont have time to do lower bracket... If it was up to me, I would make all Majors and TI with 2 groups Bo2 round robin, Top 4 seeds into UB and bottom 4 to LB. Playoffs Bo3 every match except Grand finals which would be Bo5 with no advantage.
      • James "Yared" A ,
        Excellent format idea! Valve should really check that out.
  • otinSaAkungBana "Bahuh_Bilat" BahOgBilat ,
    I saw the future, TNC vs Optic in grandfinals


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