OG,, TnC and Na'Vi prevail in MDL Macau Minor

Posted by Cristy "Pandoradota2" Ramadani at 09 December 2017 13:30

picture courtesy of Mars Media

OG,, TNC Pro Team, and Natus Vincere withstand the storm of best-of-one round robin group stage to advance to the playoffs in MDL Macau Minor. 

After two days of eighteen back to back best-of-one round robin games in the group stage only four teams would earn the distinct honor to advance into the playoffs and secure at least 30 TI8 qualifying points.

OG had served TnC their first loss and then went on to destroy VGJ.Storm as Roman "Resolut1on" Fominok's flawless performance and record of 18:0:6 on Phantom Lancer overpowered the North American team beyond recognition with an almost 27k networth advantage at the end. Their victory was enough to secure them a place in the top 4 early on, giving them their first qualifying points in the ProCircuit 2017-2018 season. 

The newly heated CIS rivalry between and Na'Vi kept tensions high as they entered into the series in a tied position. In a fairly one sided match came out on top and their next victory against TnC also secured their place in the playoffs.

Na'Vi's fate was riding on their last series against VGJ.Storm. The Ukrainian team was poised for the last playoff spot but a loss would create a three-way tie between them and the last minute invites EHOME and LFY. With a dominant performance over the North American team, there was no need for complications as Na'Vi were able to then secure their place tomorrow.

Yesterday, Infamous had a dismal day, not finding a single win. They came out of the gates roaring in their second day, hoping to create a force strong enough to overtake their opponents in the next five series. They secured the first two matches, including one against the European hotshots, OG, but couldn't sustain their momentum. In their third series of the day, the Peruvians got a bit cocky early against LGD Forever Young, having been sure they secured the win only to then completely throw the game and end with a shocking loss. Perhaps the stun ran amok over their mentality and the South Americans dropped their remaining matches until they completely shut down and upset in the last series of the day, denying the CIS team the first place spot and causing a three-way tie in record for second place between them, TnC and Na'Vi. However as they had previously defeated both TnC and Na'Vi, assumed second place.

OG slid into the first place spot. As a reward for their placement, they were granted the honor to choose their opponent from between TnC and Na'Vi, ultimately choosing to face Na'Vi in the semifinals, leaving TnC and VP to battle it out.

The competition heats up in Macau tomorrow at 03:00 CET/10:00 CST with the first semifinals series. The full single elimination playoff brackets being played out and eventually crowning the championship team.


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