It's the season; Midas Mode teams give to charity

Posted by Cristy "Pandoradota2" Ramadani at 18 November 2017 22:45

All eight of the participating teams in the Midas Mode tournament hosted by MoonduckTV will be donating their winnings to charity.

This holiday season, Dota 2 teams will be among those who will generously contribute to various charities. Midas Mode boasts a $60,000 prize pool which be entirely donated by the top three team's designated charity of choice.

In the spirit of the holidays, the players of all eight teams have pledged to donate all of their prize winnings from Midas Mode to a charity of their team’s choice listed below. We believe that giving back to our communities is a responsibility we all share in life, and we are inspired by other gaming communities who have long been supporting charity and uplifting others. Having the bright lights of Dota upon us, the time is long overdue that we as a Dota community come together to set an example. Gamers can be a positive force in our communities and this is one small step in the right direction.

We ask that all of our fans join with us and support these and many other great causes this holiday season. Please donate a bit of whatever you have to give to help lift someone else up: money, time, canned goods, or a beloved game gathering dust because you spend twelve hours a day grinding for badges now!

Happy holidays,

The Teams

The unconventional tournament concept and rules has already enjoyed great success and praise from the community and players alike. Midas Mode runs from November 18th (starting with the European region) until November 28th and will be streamed LIVE and re-broadcasted later HERE.

Midas Mode Teams and their charity of choice:
Europe OG - Make-A-Wish International
North America Evil Geniuses - UCSF Oakland Children's Hospital
Ukraine Na'Vi - UNICEF
Europe Mid or Feed - ADHD Solutions
North America Optic Gaming - Children’s Medical Center Dallas
North America Immortals - Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Europe Team Liquid - 57357 Children's Cancer Hospital
North America VGJ.Storm -  Center for Family Life

Midas Mode Prize Pool:
1st place: $18,000
2nd place $7,500
3rd place: $4,500


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