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Midas Mode details released including rules, format and rewards

Scheduled for November 18-28th, the details for MoonduckTV's Midas Mode event have been released.

First revealed in February 2017, then re-surfacing again in September with dates and both OG and Evil Geniuses confirmed as participants, the rules, format and brackets have been laid out finally.


Midas Mode will be introducing a market system using MoonBucks, distributed to each team to be used to draft, choose sides, ban heroes or pause the game. 


There are also ways that teams can earn MoonBucks. The teams can opt to make game play more difficult and ultimatley more likely entertaining such as skipping bans or randoming heroes, in order to build a surplus to use for other advantages.

Midas Mode Audience Participation

Fans are encouraged to become part of the action via special audience participation interactions. Viewers will be able to earn prizes and rewards and the community will be able to suggest various ways for teams to compete for MoonBucks.

Midas Mode Teams

Europe OG
North America Evil Geniuses
Ukraine Na'Vi
Europe Mid or Feed
North America Optic Gaming
North America Immortals
Europe Team Liquid
North America Digital Chaos

Midas Mode Format

  • Teams are split into 2 divisions played out separately - North America and Europe
  • Round Robin Group Stage
  • Last team eliminated
  • Top seed advances directly to the Grand Finals
  • Remaining two teams compete in semi finals for spot in Grand Finals



Midas Mode Schedule 

Times have not yet been set. Dates and matches are subject to change:


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