The Boston Major: Digital Chaos send Team NP packing

Dota 2 Isaac “RedCrayon” Celis

Digital Chaos dominated Team NP with a strong 2-0 as Boston bids adieu to the Canadians.

Game One

Game one saw textbook execution from Digital Chaos, shutting out Team NP from a game one victory in under 30 minutes. NP looked to go for their Warlock combo once again, but denied their Mirana and substituted Venomancer for that heavy magical damage. Along with a Drow Ranger and OD, NP looked like they had the tools to win the game. DC countered with a full greed lineup, picking up both a Templar Assassin and a Naga Siren for Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok. The Slitherine proving deadly for the NP squad when paired with Keeper of the Light.

Early game started off relatively passive. Jacky 'EternalEnvy' Mao, however, got caught before the rune spawn, foreshadowing the downhill game that NP was to have. Unlike most Naga lineups, DC went aggressive and contested Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling's Drow Ranger heavily in the safelane, even picking up a number of kills on the NP supports. With aggression on Aui, NP looked to contest the other lanes, but DC executed cleanly and won the laning phase handily.

As the game moved into its final stages, NP continually looked for that one big engagement to turn things around. DC's movements however, were much too slippery: a consequence of Martin 'Saksa' Sasdov and Rasmus 'MiSeRy-' Filipsen's wards. With Resolut1on farmed up and the NP squad behind, DC outmanoeuvred the Canadians for a clean game one victory, leaving NP to go back to the drawing board for game two. Particularly, Saksa proved to be an absolute detriment to NP with his Rubick: his timely spell steals simply insult to injury for the Canadian squad.

Game Two

Game two followed a similar thread from game one, as DC simply outplayed NP, sealing the Canadians' fate in another sub 30 minute win. Game two's draft saw DC decide to pick up the Warlock for themselves, denying the Mirana from NP once again. NP decided to go with some more comfort heroes, picking up Aui's Sven along with Avery 'SVG' Silverman's Elder Titan. DC once again went with a greedy lineup, with a Luna for Resolut1on and Alchemist for Aliwi 'w33ha' Omar.

It seemed NP couldn't bounce back from game one. DC dominated the laning stage with perhaps the exception of Aui's lane, which was left free: David 'MoonMeander' Tan choosing to start in the jungle safely. MiSeRy-'s rotations proved deadly in the early game and helped put DC up by an uncontested seven kills in the first ten minutes. Envy tried to contest w33ha's Alchemist, but despite his aggression w33ha still managed to pick up a 13 minute Radiance along with a few kills on EE, who was overconfident on his Timbersaw.

It was downhill from the beginning, and DC once again executed their strategy flawlessly, outmaneuvering NP around the map. With their entire lineup so behind in net worth, Team NP called GG once again under 30 minutes, saying sayonara to the Boston Major. Despite going home, Team NP have shown that they can perform on the big stage, and the future looks bright for the relatively inexperienced organization, which only started a mere four months ago. 

While we bid the Canadians adieu, Digital Chaos move on to the semifinals where they await their challenger from today's last series' winner, and a possible ticket to the Grand Finals.


Will Digital Chaos continue their domination toward a possible first Major win?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
    w33 misery sent ee home: different understanding of game confirmed
  • Ashhad "a.s.h.h.a.d" Shabbir ,
    Saska the one we should not underestimate. After the success of DC Saska is the Player we should highlight for his talent.
  • tung "sszj" nguyen ,
    I wonder how @Clariska - a zealous and horny NP fan - reacted to this.


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