Faceless winning streak ended by Evil Geniuses

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Coming to their first LAN on a 23 games winning streak, Team Faceless put up strong resistance against the North American team, but it is EG who deservedly advance to the next stage of the Beyond the Summit 6 winners’ bracket. 

Game One

Evil Geniuses opened the drafting stage with Anti Mage and a support Pudge while they denied some of the most successful Team Faceless heroes - Ogre Magi and Nyx Assassin. The teams settled into a quiet laning stage, without much going on. It took eight minutes for the first blood to be drawn - Saahil "UNiVeRsE" Arora rotated from the top lane and the level six Batrider lassoed iceiceice’s Slardar into the hands of Artour "Arteezy" Babaev’s Anti Mage. Four minutes later EG got their first tower.

The two teams then continued to trade kills back and forth. The first team fight broke out in the 18th minute with EG outplaying Faceless and killing four, while the latter got three. The game then entered another exchange of kills phase without a serious advantage for either team. Faceless managed to sneak into the Roshan pit at the 23rd minute and slay him before EG could respond. Despite that, four minutes later, it was EG again that won a team fight, killing three from Faceless and popping Dominik "Black^" Reitmeiers' Aegis. Faceless restored the balance a minute later with a pickoff on Arteezy’s Anti Mage.

EG finally started to gain more ground than their opponents after a 32nd minute team fight ended up with three from Faceless dead, mid tier three tower down and Roshan in the hands of EG. Slark dying at the 36th minute after a failed assassination attempt on Anti Mage resulted in EG getting the first two barracks in the game. EG ended the game several by destroying Faceless down in the bottom lane after 40 minutes of play.

Game Two

EG went for early aggressive lineup with plenty of sustain featuring Pugna, while Faceless had a much better late game draft with Naga Siren and Outworld Destroyer.

It didn’t take long for the action to start, as Faceless’s aggressive duo lane composed of Undying and Nyx managed to get the first blood around 2:45. The teams exchanged several kills by the 9th minute when the first Roshan attempt was made by Arteezy and his Ursa, but iceiceice did his Nyx things to kill the Ursa and drive EG back from the pit. EG eventually killed Rosh four minutes later, but Faceless were there and executed three of them, including the Ursa with his Aegis.

EG’s started pushing more intensively and got tier two bottom lane tower at the 17th minute but their first high ground attempt was thwarted. EG kept pushing, but Faceless continued repelling them – 19th minute four from EG died and about three minutes later, they were team wiped. The next Roshan was killed by EG again, but Faceless took the fight right after his fall and prevailed.

EG’s early game potential was waning with each passing second, so they had to act, while the Naga was starting to get enough farm to influence the game more with split pushing. EG tried one more push at the 29th minute, but apart from taking tier 3 tower at the bot lane were not able to cause any other damage, lost the team fight and called “GG” before losing a single set of barracks.

Game Three

Both teams kept canceling each other’s strong heroes out in the first bans of the third game. EG went for Ursa and Templar Assassin, while Faceless had a good team fight composition with Invoker, Crystal Maiden and offlane Faceless Void.

The third game started with rotations towards the mid with both teams trying to put their mid core in the better position. First blood went for EG this time, but Faceless got a kill straight away in return.

Soon the action switched into the top lane and Arteezy got a double kill at the sixth minute after killing iceiceice and xy. Arteezy’s first Rosh attempt was undisturbed and he got the Aegis just before the 10 minute mark. EG started to build a gradual advantage and the first team fight went into their hands at about 15th minute, making the score 2-10 in their favor.

Faceless managed to put off EG after 19 minutes of play, but only a couple minutes later they paid dearly for smoking into the enemy jungle with the loss of another team fight.

EG’s advantage was growing further. By the 30th minute, EG had secured total map control and took all the  tier two towers. In the following fight EG were repelled at the cost of three buybacks from the cores of Faceless. The next Roshan went into the hands of EG and they prepared for their final assault. Team Faceless did their best to stop them, and despite the brave resistance, they had to admit that they were beaten after 45 minutes.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 3 - Best of 3

Round 4 - Best of 3



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  • Denis "Vodka2Gud" Blah ,
    I think VP beating best team of past 6 months is better..
    • Momo "SamsoN96" Jeremic ,
      it's still too soon to say VP are that good... maybe they were lucky I still think VP is the strongest team right now but as I said it's too soon
    • Ivanov "IvanovKyle" Kyle ,
      remember Newbee 29 winstreak looked really strong and unbeatable pre-TI but what happened to them
  • "Booncz" ,
    BTW there's like 90% chance that the 4 teams from the higher part of the bracket will win all the matches against the other 4 teams...hope it was seeded randomly otherwise somebody did a terrible job...at least for the Wings/EHOME/NP/VP other 4 teams can be happy as hell.


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