Fnatic is the first ROG Masters direct invite

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The full list of talents participating, and most of teams participating in the ROG Masters have been announced. Among the announcements is the first of two direct invites, Fnatic.

With the ROG Masters LAN finals about three weeks away, the full list of participating teams is slowly coming together. The eleventh invite to the event, and the first of two direct invites has been revealed to be Fnatic. In addition to this, the talents who will be joining host Paul 'ReDeYe' Chaloner have been announced.

ROG Masters participating teams:

  • Natural 9
  • Big and Black
  • Team Taivnaa
  • The Mongolz
  • Execration
  • Mineski.Sports5
  • Entity Esports
  • Aggressive 5
  • MAX.X
  • Fnatic
  • TBA (direct invite)

Based in Malaysia, and having the most success of all other Malaysian teams in the past few years, Fnatic's direct invite comes as no surprise. This being said, the second direct invite should be going to either MVP.P or a well-known Chinese team. Other possible contenders for the invite are Team Faceless and WG.Unity, however, it should be noted that they took part and failed to qualify for the event in the SEA open qualifiers.

Featuring the first international LAN appearance for many of the twelve teams participating, the ROG Masters LAN finals will probably see the raise of many new players and some exciting upsets. The event will be held on the 12th and 13th of November at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and will feature a $150,000 prize pool for the Dota 2 event, as well as free entry. In addition to the Dota 2 event, a $50,000 CS:GO event will be running.

Source: Twitter
Headline and banner image from Fnatic's Facebook


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