The International 6: Wildcards are done, the group stage kicks off today

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On the eve of The International 6 group stages are the wildcard qualifiers, which ended with the elimination of coL and XctN.

While it certainly is sad to see the NA and SEA wildcard representatives get eliminated, fans of Escape Gaming and EHOME will be delighted that these two teams will see more action in the TI6 group stages starting tomorrow. As the winner of the upper bracket, EHOME will be seeded into group B, and Escape Gaming, the lower bracket winner, will be seeded into group A.

The best-of-two round robin group stage will be kicking off tomorrow with four games being played throughout the day. The first set of games will be starting at 18:30 CEST, featuring the following matches: group A - Alliance vs TnC and OG vs LGD, group B - Escape Gaming vs NA'VI and EG vs Wings.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3


Best of 1


Arguably the most surprising performance of the wildcard qualifiers came from Execration, who gave EHOME - the upper bracket wildcard winner - a hard time, coming back from a bad start in game one and dragging game two to the 52 minute mark. Although an impressive feat, it was not the most impressive.

Pulling the biggest upset so far, XctN 2-0'd compLexity after a 23 minute game one, which ended with a 40 - 12 kill score, and a 26 minute game two, featuring a very impressive Meepo played by Abed 'Abed' Yosup, ending the game with a KDA of 18/0/9 and an ultra kill.

Unfortunately for the pinoy squad, they fell short of qualifying for the group stages after Escape Gaming put on an extremely convincing performance and 2-0'ed XctN. In one of the fastest games yet, Escape took game two of the best-of-three in 18 minutes, finishing the game with a 0-11 kill score.

Group Stage day one schedule:

18:30 CEST - Group A

Wings Gaming vs Evil Geniuses
Na’Vi vs Escape Gaming
TnC vs Alliance

20:30 CEST - Group A

OG vs Alliance
LGD vs Escape Gaming
Na’VI vs Evil Geniuses
Wings Gaming vs TNC

22:30 CEST - Group A

Wings Gaming vs Escape Gaming
OG vs Evil Geniuses
Na’VI vs TNC
Alliance vs LGD

00:30 CEST - Group B

Team Secret vs Vici Gaming Reborn
MVP Phoenix vs Digital Chaos
Team Liquid vs Neewbee
Fnatic vs EHOME

02:30 CEST - Group B

Team Liquid vs EHOME
Newbee vs Vici Gaming Reborn
Team Secret vs MVP Phoenix
Fnatic vs Digital Chaos

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Will we see more Meepo in the group stages and beyond?

There's W33 and Notail
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Meepo is bad this patch
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  • Nate "iklogakhakdog" River ,
    Abed's Meepo > w33+Notail's Meepo. Nuff said.
  • Tetsuna "TetsunaSakamoto_Chuckie" Sakamoto ,
    The winner of upper bracket was seeded in the group b (lesser bloodbath) and the winner of the lower bracket was seeded in the group A. A clear evidence that Group A is much harder than Group B. Hahaha
    • "Booncz" ,
      clear evidence that group B was negligibly "weaker" ON PAPER (LOL last year everybody cried that group A was so harder and then group B kick Ass in the bracket), so they balanced with putting the wild card winner in group B, just like they announced it with the groups announcement...you can flame VOLVO on many account, but the group seedings and tournament formants are their strong suit (except some minor mistakes and TI-4)
      • Nikola "UdieIcry" Manojlovic ,
        What unrealistic dimension did you draw your conclusions from ? What piece of impartial analysis do you see that a majority consensus among experts does not ?
        • "Booncz" ,
          what conclusions? that the groups are as even as they can be?...easy, just watching the doto...Show me that majority of experts that say that the groups are horrifically imbalanced? Next conclusion, that it doesn't matter anyway, comes from previous TIs, it's been shown that you can predict the big favorites and they always make it at least to top 8 in the end (this year it's Wings Newbee OG Liquid), but other then that about +-12 teams show their true colors as the tournament progresses, so as long as you split these four teams into two group and detect two(or 4) teams who are seen as weaker and split them up you can't mess up the seeding...(the low seeds are hard to predict accurately but at least one or two teams enter the competition as clear underdog)
          • Nikola "UdieIcry" Manojlovic ,
            I came off a bit offensive which was not my intent by any stretch of imagination. I've been recently arguing with numerous people who put a lot of emphasis on teams they like and can't impartially view the game which is really frustrating especially when you are try to make predictions and assessments based on logic and unbiased analysis. Your comment, unlike most people's, seems to have some thought behind it, so I'd like to apologize if I offended you. However, I have never said that they are horrifically imbalanced, what I am saying though that it was never the case that group A was even negligibly stronger than group B. Group B was definitely stronger, not by an insane margin but evidently stronger, especially now that they have gained the best team possible from the WC qualifier (regardless of the actual WC results). Also please note that I am not complaining about the balance of groups, I think that Valve does a fantastic job most of the time when it comes to tournament organization, formats, groups and most corollary aspects of those events. My issue lies with people making their assessments based on personal preference and ideas that come from hype moments of certain players rather than looking at a relevant period of time as a whole (my criterion in that regard being 3 months give or take). You examine each team's accomplishments based on the events they attended, teams they faced at those events, attending teams at those events and compare it to their previous level. Also, it is very important to consider statistics and last but not least the eye test (just watching doto as you said). The problem is that people would just watch it casually and get influenced by casters and their team preference. When you couple that with the fact that most people don't watch EVERY game played by certain teams, some even resort to highlights of games only and then claim some ridiculous things despite the fact that they don't get to experience the entirety of the game and some crucial plays and deciding factors. That being said, group A consists of 5 top 10 teams and 3 unranked teams (being unranked means not being in top 15 or being a newly formed team in my vocabulary). Whereas group B has also 5 top 10 teams but the remaining teams are in the 15th - 11th zone. Now then, MVP Phoenix have shown a great attitude towards practice before big events and also have a tendency to do reasonably well given that they have limited scrimmage parters so that is also significant. Another considerably relevant factor is that they got the best team in that 15th - 11th zone - EHOME who are filled with up-and-coming high skill players and some of the best Asian veterans. Another big caveat is that one of the best teams of group A, LGD does not have their full roster. Final point, ultimately this kind of analysis can give you the best prediction based on past results and form,but nobody knows how well prepared or horrendously prepared teams will go into the event. Also nobody knows how the meta game might look like by the time we reach the latter stages of the main event and how well teams can adapt to that new style of playing. I hope I've been as clear as I have been comprehensive. You pal seem to have a logical approach to your view, cherish that. Also I couldn't detail my rankings fully here, if you are interested I posted them in the comment section of the article "Groups of The International 6 announced" here at GosuGamers. Enjoy some great dota.


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