Top five plays at The Summit 5

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

Looking to get hyped for the upcoming StarSeries season 2 LAN finals? These are the top five plays at last week's The Summit 5.

After several days of high level Dota at the BTS house for The Summit 5, Wings Gaming came out victorious after a solid 3-1 against OG in the finals. GosuGamers looked back and compiled the top five plays that occurred during the course of the tournament.

Starting the list with quick thinking by Jesse 'JerAx' Vainikka's Warlock, the plays steadily got more impressive. The following plays includes the predictive prowess shown by Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein and Zhou 'bLink' Yang as well as the impressive utilization of Earth Spirit's mobility by Andreas 'Cr1t' Nielsen. These plays all build up to the biggest play of The Summit 5, an all-or-nothing Spirit Breaker charge leading to a Aegis steal and team fight victory by Wings.

Ben “PineappleCake” Tan
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